Two Times Four [socs]


Far be it from me to criticize such a colossally successful writer such as Dean Koontz, but I gotta be honest… I gave the last book I read of his (The Other Emily) only 2 stars. Sure, it was “exciting” as his plots often are, but ugh. If you’re gonna write about an impossible thing, you can’t just gloss over the details, and you especially should not “fade to black” at the climax. What the crap is that? I felt like I was staring at that cartoon where one side of the board is filled with a bunch of math and the other side says “and then a miracle occurred.” Yep, Dean relied on the miracle to make his story work instead of explaining to us how the future humans, who were sort of aliens, time-traveled and created a new Emily. I am so done with him (which I have said before, I know).

But he’s not the only one. I read 2 books by Colleen Hoover this month and gave them both 2 stars. They were about evil women who ruined a man’s life, and, like the Emily book, they also suffered from crazy situations that Hoover failed to adequately explain. In Verity, a mentally ill wife/writer who has murdered her daughters convinces everyone, including the best doctors, that she’s a vegetable, while she plots revenge against hubby and his new love. How did she fake her own X-rays of her brain? Oh, let’s not dwell on that! In Layla, the soul of an insane, murderous ex somehow takes over the body of a guy’s new girlfriend, he finds a ghost helper on the internet, they figure out a way to switch the real soul back in, etc. It’s all preposterous, not to mention vaguely disturbing that a writer is so fixated on the evil woman theme with no real acknowledgement that these men were no prize. I’m done with Hoover as well.

I gave The Singing Trees by Boo Walker 2 stars also. It just went on and on, churning up ridiculous drama over nothing. Every character was absurd. I toyed with giving it only one star, but then I felt guilty. I did read the whole thing, but that shouldn’t be the deciding factor. I have quit many books before I hit the 10% read mark, and those I don’t rate at all. Not that my reviews probably mean much, since I rarely write anything these days in the body of the review, but I keep track of the stars in my spreadsheet where I list all the books I read. Is that OCD? Well, how else will I know when I hit 100 books for the year (up to 85, thank you)? I no longer belong to Goodreads because of all the spam and garbage I received there.

Anyway, it’s time to get tougher with my ratings on these Kindle Unlimited books. Beware! The one-star ratings are near!


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  1. Details! I live for we’ll thought out details, otherwise I get lost in my own thoughts. And thank you for calling out Goodreads. The spam is uncalled for.

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  2. Very good with the near/far prompt! I like hearing about books. I’ll quit a book too, if it doesn’t catch my interest in the first few pages. I’ll try to give it 100 pages, but some don’t even get that many. 🙂

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  3. I always enjoy your reviews. I agree. I hate it when writers leave loose ends or don’t make a logical pathway for something to happen.

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  4. Paula, I think giving the book a review is a great way for you to keep track of those you love also. I am impressed with your book total. My brain is working on my own creativity and I can’t seem to focus on books right now.

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  5. Have you read his “Nameless” series available via Kindle Unlimited? I really enjoyed them. They are basically long short stories or short novellas. I’m not a huge Dean Koontz fan but I did also thoroughly enjoy the “Odd Thomas” series. They are actually re-readable!

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  6. It’s been a while since I last read a Dean Koontz book. Maybe he’s gotten lazy.

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  7. I haven’t read Dean Koontz for a decade maybe. I think Fandango might be onto something.

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