TJ’s Lemonade Cupcakes [repost]

lemonade cupcake

For a while now, I’ve pretended not to notice that Trader Joe’s has been deliberately and wantonly tempting me to buy their luscious-looking pink and yellow lemonade cupcakes sneakily displayed in the dessert section, where naturally I would have to see them. And you know what they say about temptation: the easiest way to get rid of it is just to give in to it already, and so today I did that.

They’re very pretty, no frills cupcakes. No sprinkles or doodads adorn these treats. Just cake and frosting, fin.

The cake is surprisingly dense ~ this is not light and fluffy party cake, my peeps. It has a heavy texture, almost muffin-like, but not oily. And it is highly flavored, very citrussy. Definitely not overly sweet. Serious cake noms happening here. The frosting is lemon cream cheese, a perfect complement.

Very tasty overall, though heavy. The nutritional info says one cupcake has 320 calories, which is considerably less than a Sprinkle’s lemon, but it feels just as satisfying. I’m kinda over the gourmet cupcake, tbh, which is why you don’t see me yapping about them much anymore. This isn’t because I’ve hopped onto the next trend (idk what the next trend even is), but because I got a bit bored chasing after cupcakes, not that I’d turn one down if it magically appeared in front of me, and also… heartburn, bleh.

But it was fun to have one of these lemonades. OK FINE I HAD TWO. Geez.

[Written in 2016.]


Image is mine.

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19 responses to “TJ’s Lemonade Cupcakes [repost]

  1. Have you checked the label? Everything I see at TJ that’s tempting and gorgeous is not grown/made USA.


  2. Ooohhhhh … was that as delicious as it sounds? and looks?? Want!


  3. I have picked those up so many times, but never actually purchased them. Perhaps it is time.


  4. I must admit, that sounds pretty damned good.


  5. They were delicious! And I didn’t scrutinize the ingredient list.


  6. Did you say shoes? Did you say “Next thing, she’ll be writing about shoes?”

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  7. I am in a very lemon dessert place lately, but I can’t go to TJ’s anymore because mine has been overrun by bitches. (Why yes, I did just say that in public.)


  8. Why just have one when you can have two?

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  9. Wow. I love Trader Joe’s and your cupcake story. It made me want to run out and buy some of those cupcakes. Big problem. The closest Trader Joe’s is over fifty miles away.

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  10. I have never been to a Trader Joe’s and I feel like I am leading a sheltered life.

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  11. Paula, Love your posts. I’m not familiar with idk, and my senior brain hasn’t a clue. Can you help me out?

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  12. I like very much, these types of Cakes! Thanks for your valuable information!

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  13. I haven’t seen them at my TJ’s. Next time I go, I am going to look for them!

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