TMP26: Tipping

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Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

As I mentioned last week, I’m going to complain about tipping today. I hate our entire system of tipping ~ in fact, I just saw a waiter get murdered on the Sopranos over a tip, or lack thereof. (I’m rewatching all the Sopranos episodes in anticipation of The Many Saints of Newark movie, which is a prequel.) Anyway, to be clear, I always leave a good tip, 20% or more, for personal service or table service. I just figure it’s part of the cost because I don’t want to be that jerk who prevents someone from making a decent wage for the day. So why not just CHARGE THAT? I’m so tired of getting these bills with “suggested” tips (for people who can’t math). I like to round mine up from the 20%, which I can figure out MYSELF, thanks, to get to an even dollar amount because I’m OCD, but whatever. I just wish all this stuff would simply cost 20% more, the waiters would get paid appropriately, and it wouldn’t be my responsibility to tip them.

That’s part one of my annoyance with the whole thing. Part two is the nudge for tips for people who aren’t bringing anything to me. I’m talking about, for example, the person who rings up your order at a Starbucks. Why would I tip them? Do you tip the cashier at McDonald’s? How about the salesperson at Macy’s? The guy who works on your car? Where does this end? At the bagel place the other week, when I paid by credit card, there was a line for a tip and I left it blank. But I felt bad later and now don’t ever want to return, though I probably will, eventually. It’s so irritating!



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17 responses to “TMP26: Tipping

  1. The tipping system is crazy. It’s a way for places not to pay their employees a decent wage. It added a hidden cost to the food or service.

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  2. Totally agree re tipping and how random it is. Just give me the final sum. I assume the business knows how to set their prices (and CEO wage) to be able to pay their employees properly. Why should someone else’s wage be so dependent on my personal opinion and mood?

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  3. Yup, it’s irritating.

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  4. I totally agree! Bump up the prices, pay staff decently, and do away with tipping. I’m also against the idea of tipping people who don’t do anything for me.

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  5. Tipping is very popular in New York and New Jersey and perhaps some other areas of the country, but down South where I am now, people don’t tip. I never tip at McDonald’s and I don’t even leave my change for their charity, mostly because they screw up my order a lot.

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  7. Since the pandemic we have been leAving very large tips and tipping whoever we can. (because they lost so much during shutdowns, and grocery store runners are front line folks). However, I agree that all folks involved in the transactions should get a decent wage so that tipping was not necessary.

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  8. I agree about the last part, tipping lines on receipt and then feel guilty 🥴 Restaurant owners need to up their pay to the employees.

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  9. I need to add, why go back to a place without good service?  If it’s good, tip the one responsible.  Wages have always been too low for wait persons.  I try to tip in cash so they get it.  I don’t think sharing tips for all wait staff is a good thing.  Now with my groceries or good deliveries I tip the person generously because it is needed now.  I would prefer to do my own shopping but going out here with no mask wearers is dangerous.

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