Sopranos Smile

Tony Soprano antihero

How you doin’?

I forgot how much I enjoyed the Sopranos even though I always put it at the top of my favorite shows. There are so many interesting characters and complex storylines. It was such a well-written drama! And so funny too. Earlier this month I subscribed to HBO Max so I could rewatch the entire 6 seasons in preparation for the prequel movie coming soon (The Many Saints of Newark). At one point, I owned the set on DVD, but I must have dumped it during one of my many moves, and I was reluctant to subscribe to essentially re-purchase what I’d already paid for; however, I’m not comfy going to theaters now, so I’d need to subscribe to see the movie anyway. I also noted some other movies on Max I would like to see, so I bit the bullet. This marks the first time I’ve subscribed to an entertainment service outside of Amazon Prime.

Anyway, Tony is such a great antihero that it’s easy to forget what a bad guy he actually is. That’s the beauty of the writing along with James Gandolfino’s superb acting skills. RIP James ~ what a sad loss. I’m not sure I appreciated his sessions with Dr. Melfi as much as I do now or how much Melfi agonized over keeping him as a patient. She was obviously as attracted to Tony as much as she was repelled ~ mirroring the reaction from the audience. Well, this audience anyway.

There were many plot points I had forgotten, such as Meadow’s drug use, which propelled her into a romance with Jackie Jr., and how Christopher killed Adriana’s dog when he was high. Actually, I associate alcohol with the show, since the main characters are always drinking, but there was a lot of other drug use as well. I had also forgotten what an animal lover Tony was, which motivated many of his actions.

It’s also interesting to me personally that I watched the show the first time with my ex-husband, then again when I was dating a married man, and now while I’m alone. It definitely makes a difference as to which scenes resonate with me more strongly. For example, the first time I didn’t think too much about Carmela’s inner angst over whether she should leave Tony, but now I really appreciate it along with Edie Falco’s excellent acting. I’m also noticing more of the wardrobe choices for the characters than I did previously.

Since I do things obsessively or not at all, I’m already almost halfway through S5 and enjoying every moment. That’s my smile for the week.


Image of Tony Soprano is from the show.

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10 responses to “Sopranos Smile

  1. My new hair dresser told me that she really enjoyed Breaking Bad which I never watched, so I tried it and now I am on Season 5 and I really like it.

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  2. Haven’t seen The Sopranos yet but plan on it at some point.

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  3. I may have to go back and watch it again.

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