Let’s Eat Grandma!

Commas punctuation

Today Dr. Tanya asks how we feel about grammar mistakes in Blogland.

I’ve mentioned many times that I am highly intolerant of mistakes in published books, whether spelling, grammar, tense, name mixups, etc. These errors especially irk me in books that are put out by an actual publishing house. It’s hard to proof your own work because you tend to skim, but houses have editors. Allegedly. I am much more tolerant of mistakes on blogs and in social media generally.

Unlike some, I consider texts, blog comments, and chats on Facebook to be conversation, not professional communication. I’m fine with folks who eschew capital letters and/or punctuation as long as the meaning is clear. Personally, I don’t bother with much punctuation in comments and chats, though I try to write in standard English on my blog nowadays. You may have noticed that I gave up the lolcat a while back.

If you’re going to write a short story on your blog, however, my expectations for proper English go up, and I will enjoy your writing more if I’m not pausing at mistakes. But if you’re simply opining, then I don’t really care.

Unless you use an apostrophe-plural. Then all bet’s are off. See what I did there? Hideous!


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23 responses to “Let’s Eat Grandma!

  1. I agree Paula, self editing is difficult task ..

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  2. What puzzles me is when people do away with punctuation altogether. I’ve sometimes come across whole blog posts with maybe two periods in the whole thing. I just can’t read that.

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    • That’s tough to deal with…

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    • I’ve assumed that happens when people really want to write, they have a story to tell, but perhaps they’ve not had the education? Maybe they came to a love of reading late, and that turned into a love of stories.
      With that in mind, my knee-jerk reaction to those posts can be “ugh”.
      Then I try to be generous and observe that they’ve found a passion they want to share, and I can suck it up. 🙂

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  3. I try to do a good job of editing my own blog posts – flash fiction or opinion pieces. Sometimes in the rush and adrenaline of getting in a quick turnaround flash story, I might miss something. 🙂
    If it is a published item, then my expectations are high!

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  4. Love the title of your post.

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  5. Self editing can be hard. But I can’t stand grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors in blogs either. Typos might occur every now and then because we might in a hurry to press publish. There are times when I have fixed mistakes after posting. My expectations tend to be higher for books.

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  6. Yes, I see what you did there. 🤨

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  7. The catchy title 😆
    I share your views. I take grammar seriously and have unfollowed some bloggers before when I realised they had absolutely no sense of subject-verb agreement and such. However, comments are more like “chatting” with your colleagues. 😁

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  8. Around our house, the gag was, what’s for dinner mother?
    Self-editing is tough–what gets me the most is when I change a sentence around a little and then fail to correct all the peripheral words. I mean, if I get something “right” the first time, in a literary sense, it’s usually pretty correct, grammatically.
    And, of course, all the the the’s.

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  9. Good post Paula. The thing that irks me the most is actually no breaks in text. Walls of text in blog posts freaks me right out…

    I can tolerate ‘like you’ errs in blog posts, but not in brick and mortar published books and or newspaper/magazine articles – that shouldn’t happen because as you say there are ……….apparently editors watching out for that when proof reading ………. mm?

    But everyone makes mistakes irrelevant to the editing at times. I now write in my draft folder and am constantly editing before publishing and l can guarantee even with writing in draft folder, cutting and pasting into a word doc to look for errors and then publishing l can abso-bloody-lutely guarantee l’ll still miss something … shit happens 🙂


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