Puzzles [socs]

Puzzle pueces

“When you complete a puzzle, you know that you have made all of the right choices.” ~ Robert, in the 2018 film Puzzle.

Maybe that why I like puzzles so much ~ life is so chaotic and complex that you never really know if you’ve made the right decisions. As I alluded to in my flash fiction piece earlier this week, it’s sometimes so difficult to make a choice that you wait until the choice is made for you. Maybe that is the right one; maybe not. How can you know unless you try them all, which you can’t. But in a puzzle, if you try the wrong piece, it won’t fit, and you keep trying different ones until you find the correct one. And so it goes, until the whole puzzle is finished. It’s just so satisfying to realize that you couldn’t have done it any other way.

Currently, I don’t do puzzles. Gatsby would grab the pieces and mess them up, plus I don’t have the room I used to. But it’s more than that. As I’ve aged, I find I have neither the patience nor the stamina for intricate tasks that go on a long time. Puzzles, needlework, cookie decorating. It all makes me too tired and my eyes get bleary. My daughter gave me some nice puzzles along with a mat (to roll up a puzzle in progress and keep the pieces safe from kitties when I’m not working on it), but I haven’t even opened any. The puzzles I do now aren’t of the jigsaw variety. I prefer quick word games.

But I look fondly back at my memories of doing huge jigsaw puzzles with my mom while we watched scary movies in our basement in Illinois. Good times.

I guess I have to amend my first sentence to “I used to like puzzles…”


Image from Pixabay.

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13 responses to “Puzzles [socs]

  1. I still do puzzles, but digital ones.

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  2. Love that quote! I’ve never been one for jigsaws, but the fact that there’s only one solution, as opposed to multiple possible ones in real life, makes them appealing in some way indeed.

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  3. I don’t like puzzles at all. I am not any good at them even if I try, briefly, to join in when someone’s doing one.
    I’m trying to imagine a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces morph into different shapes on an ongoing basis, like in real life. I know what it’s like when some of the pieces are missing.

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  4. I miss the connection I had working on jigsaw puzzles with my sisters. I find no joy in tackling them on my own. I agree with you – tasks that take too long become less appealing as I grow older.

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  5. I like that doing jigsaw puzzles keeps me occupied but turns off my brain.

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  6. I like the analogy between life and puzzle pieces. I love doing puzzles and haven’t in ages. . . just saying, . . . if I only had that mat. Claudia

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