Double Doggy Smile

Rory and Lily dogs doggies doggos

My smile for the week is this pic of my daughter and son-in-law’s doggos. You may remember Rory, their golden retriever, and joining her now is Lily, a corgi and shiba inu mix. Diane and Sam brought Lily home on Saturday, and within a few hours she and Rory were happily romping around together. (Contrast this with our finicky cats who took 6 months to merely tolerate each other.)

Lily is only 7 months old and I can’t wait to meet her in person at Thanksgiving! And of course see my daughter too, etc.


Image credit to Sam Karp.

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11 responses to “Double Doggy Smile

  1. Oh how wonderful! We are still looking.


  2. Great, a new granddog! Dogs are always much more willing to accept other members into the pack than cats….

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  3. 😀Beautiful dogs

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  4. Awww. They look adorable 🤩

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  5. Such great looking dogs!

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