TMP24: “Personalization”

TMP monday peeve kitty cat

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

This week my annoyance is about the alleged “personalization” you can do on various sites. I put it in scare quotes because it’s mostly BS. Take Edge for example, which I had as the default browser on my laptop. Every time I opened a new tab, their newsfeed would populate. I kept TRYING to “personalize” it by telling it my interests and blocking certain sites, but that was useless. They ignore my prefs and blast what they want. Yesterday (Friday) was the last straw when a stupid article from Fox News popped up. That is always the first thing I block! Eff it, I said, and switched to Chrome. Edge had its chance (too much of a chance really), and now I’m done. The Bing search engine sucked too, honestly. It never put the Wiki articles first like Google does, and as you know I’m a huge fan of Wikipedia since I’m mostly looking for music/movie info and not pristine historical facts, as if there are any, lol. Also, you know what I get when I open a new tab in Chrome? NOTHING. It’s a blank page. That’s exactly what I want to see, not someone else’s idea of “news.”

Don’t even get me started about trying to customize things in WP. I have a paid plan and still can’t do much in the way of getting things how I want. Forex, why can’t we completely eliminate the reblog/share button? I don’t want ANY OF MY POSTS reblogged, shared, saved, archived, screenshotted whatever, even with a link back. (Not talking about my bloggity friends who copy stuff for a prompt.) I’ve peeved about this before. My writing is mine to do with as I will. But you can’t get rid of the damn button in the newsfeed, which makes me so mad. Yes, I know it wouldn’t stop the creepy Wayback Machine, but it would stop other randos from sharing my stuff.

Welp, at least I now have a new tab function that isn’t annoying me to bits. That’s something.


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15 responses to “TMP24: “Personalization”

  1. The personalization is just a gimmick.

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  2. Microsoft sucks in general.

    You can’t control the sharing, but you do have some degree of control over what it is that gets shared. The sharing button in the Reader will share with an excerpt, and you can enter a manual excerpt. If you create a manual excerpt that’s just the name of the post, for example, none of your actual writing will show up in what gets shared.

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  3. Yah. There is something almost sinister about being led by the hand into this fantasy world made to suit only you, especially when you realize it’s being done purely for marketing purposes. There was a Twilight Zone episode like this–the guy thought he was in heaven because everything went his way, and when he got really tired of it complained, he was told, well, you’re not in heaven, you’re in “the other place.” Literature and the arts are full of warnings about this sort of thing. Yet, here we are.

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  4. My Microsoft Edge changed recently to include what they call My Feed, Weather, Sports, Finance and shopping, but I never click on any of that, as I just go to Google.

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  6. I am still confused why every time I visit a grocery website where I have ordered shopping they keep listing all the meat on offer. I wonder why they have not figured out already that I am a vegetarian. If personalization worked, it would be a great idea.

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  7. Society in general and machines in particular were originally invented to help us resolve problems and make our lives easier. However, it turns out that making us all do it the same way is MUCH easier on the machines and society — fewer random variables, doncha see to complicate everything. As a result, from the original idea of helping us resolve problems and make our individual lives easier, the entire system has now evolved into identifying US as the problem which needs to be “fixed”. One of the ways to deal with the problem which is you is by hammering you into their algorithms to make THEIR functions easier. That’s why your “preferences” are nothing but another handle they can grab to stuff you into a badly-fitting pigeon-hole to keep what you actually wanted to do — your actual desires and wishes — from gumming up the works.

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