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I had a big smile today when I saw Fandango’s flash fiction challenge because it reminded me of a poem my high school bestie wrote. It was about a woman seeing her reflection in various sections of a chandelier and wondering which face she’d put on “for him.” Fantastic poem, Elizabeth (if you’re reading this) ~ I have never forgotten it!

Is it fair to glom onto Fandango’s post with a link when I’m not actually writing fiction in this post? I guess that is for him to judge. Anyway, there are already some good responses to the prompt and my first thought upon viewing it related to the horror show of my relationships, which probably wouldn’t hold a candle to those other posts. Maybe you suspect that I exaggerate a bit when I periodically mention how terrible dating was for me, but rest assured that, if anything, I have understated the whole debacle. It was literally a nightmare.

I’ve begun doing Happy Color again. Never really quit or deleted the app, but I guess I got tired of the pictures when they themed them to Disney or other cartoons. But I’ve found some gems lately (like the one I used here), especially the “pictures within an image,” which I really like. For example, they’ll have a wolf outline and the body will be full of trees, plus a night sky with the moon and stars. They also have countries, which are fun too.

I can’t believe it’s already noon! Half the day has gone and tomorrow I return to the office, not that I mind working. It’s so great though to have a 3-day weekend… I feel I’ve accomplished a lot, but right now my mind is blank, so idk what I did. Watched 2 movies last night, which I suppose I’ll review in a Quickie. Bloggers don’t seem to comment much on those posts, so idk if I’ll keep them going much longer. Had a whisper of an idea to work on one of my incomplete books. We’ll see. Soon, it’ll be actual fall, pumpkin time, with less and less daylight ~ sometimes I write more prolifically then. Not sure why.

Speaking of my books, someone clicked on a link today and bought Going Dark. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it.


Image from Happy Color.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

11 responses to “Promptapalooza

  1. Ooh, that’s a fun Happy Color!

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  2. “Is it fair to glom onto Fandango’s post with a link when I’m not actually writing fiction in this post? I guess that is for him to judge.”

    Yes, it’s fair. The idea behind the prompt is to inspire, and whether you want to write a fictional story, complain about your relationships, or just go stream of consciousness, it’s all good. No worries!

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  3. Hi Paula. It was me who clicked on the link to your book. As I have veen exploring the concept of darkness, with going blind, I was interested in reading what you had to say about it, i have to say that your book is amazing. I can’t find the words to express how good a writer you are. Your poems are exquisite, and I wish I could write like you. I am never very good at expressing in words what I feel about someone else’s writing, but yours just got to me – in a good way. I couldn’t stop reading the book until I got to the end, and that doesn’t often happen with me. I get tired or bored. But not with this one. Kudos Paula. You are brilliant!

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  4. I like the app and this image is lovely.

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