Pinwheels [socs]


My dad loved pinwheels. These were chocolate marshmallow cookies made by Nabisco ~ big, melty, gooey blobs, shaped like a spiral with a flat base. Mallomars (also Nabisco) were the same except they were just circles. Actually, I’m not sure if Mallomars had any cookie in them, so maybe that’s why Dad liked pinwheels best. He also loved sugar wafers, another Nabisco product, which are at the opposite end of the cookie spectrum, all plain and bland. Ugh, and Fig Newtons. Yep, Dad loved these too. I much preferred Oreos, Lorna Doones, and Nutter Butters. My dad wasn’t a huge peanut butter fan. I adore it.

You know, I didn’t realize until writing this that my father and I had vastly different taste in cookies. We both loved chocolate chip, of course, but who doesn’t? Psychos, probably. And those striped fudgey cookies are pretty nom, though I couldn’t eat them for years because I had a bunch one night when I was 14 before coming down with strep the next day. I barfed like 27 times and ended up in the hospital because I was so ill. It wasn’t the poor stripey cookies’ fault, but my mind associated them with the sickies. Not anymore though… bring ‘em on!

My favorite cookies are Pepperidge Farm, though they discontinued my ultimate favorite, which was a coffee/mocha concoction called Vienna (“Oh, Vienna,” good song). I don’t think anyone liked them but me. I also love PF’s Chessmen and Sausalito cookies. Everyone loves Milanos, but I would rather have Pirouettes! So good with vanilla ice cream or with a cuppa tea. I just read that PF is owned by Campbell’s Soup, and it’s on the internet so it must be true.

But back to Dad. We both loved brownies and bread pudding, rum raisin ice cream and caramel popcorn with peanuts, in those giant sticky globs. Fiddle Faddle? Crunch & Munch? One of those. I miss him and our great conversations.


Photo of Dad and Diane is mine.

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25 responses to “Pinwheels [socs]

  1. PInwheels sound so yummy! I love peanut butter too!

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  2. Oh my gosh, I do not thank you for reminding me of all those treats I loved as well! Pinwheels especially and I agree with your dad about the PB unless it’s homemade cookies. Sweet memories when I used to indulge😀

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  3. Meet a psycho who doesn’t particularly care for chocolate chip cookies. And yes, mallomars have a cookie-type base. (Mallomars – Yum!) I kinda hate that they are only available in the Fall – (When I was a kid the girls in my grade – 7th – called them ‘Norman Corn’ cookies – Norman Corn being a kid in our class who we all disliked for some reason. Anyway, we would put the mallomar on the arm of out seat – the 7th grade had to eat lunch in the music room – and we would say – ‘Take that Norman Corn” and then we would smash the mallomar…)

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  4. My mom made pinwheel Christmas cookies every year, boy do I miss them and her.

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  5. Great SoCS post about pins. I ate most of the cookies mentioned too. Getting a package of cookies at home was a special treat. With three teens in the house they rarely made it more than two days.
    Once I learned to bake cookies, my favorite after brownies, I lost most of my taste for store bought. Occasionally, I will pick up a bag of CC cookies and indulge. They are OK, but nothing compared to homemade.
    Thanks for the memories.

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  6. Lovely post, God help your tummy and your teeth 💜💜💜

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  7. Fig newtons always struck me as something that should be good, but just weren’t.

    I don’t know if they existed in the US, but in Canada we had pinwheel-ish cookies called Wagon Wheels as well as Viva Puffs. I didn’t like either. Marshmallows should be roasted over a campfire. If they’re in cookie form, it needs to be rocky road.

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  8. There’s a pretty good video ( that shows Mallomars being made, and yes, there’s a cookie at the base. Apparently they’re seasonal (which I didn’t know) and although they’re made in Canada you can’t get them there.

    Guess you really tosed your cookies that time, huh?

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  9. When you first mentioned pinwheels, I pictured the plastic pinwheel I watched spin in the wind. LOL I’m a peanut butter addict. I add it to my oat meal and anything else like celery or green pepper. My favorite cookie year to date is lemon, any variety. . . .just saying I enjoyed your post. Claudia

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  10. This is a sweet post. It’s funny what foods we associate with certain people.

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  11. Aw… ❤

    Fig Newtons was a shared “vice” with my grandma. She had a cookie jar shaped like a cabbage way up high on the refrigerator. Sometimes I’d ask for a Fig Newton, and if dinner wasn’t too close, she’d give me a conspiratorial look and get a Fig Newton for each of us out of the cabbage cookie jar.

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