Mine Until the End of Time…

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… and now I’m praying for the end of time (“Paradise by the Dashboard Light” ~ Meatloaf).

“Mine” is a weird concept when applied to people (or cats), if you think about it, though it sounds romantic with the Be Mine candy hearts and all that jazz. But how can a person be “yours?” That sounds like slavery. Even children break away and have their own ideas, and then go off to live their own lives. Most moms and dads enjoy seeing their children form their own opinions and don’t wish for clones of themselves. (Some would rather have the clones, yes, I know.)

Pat Benatar sings “Love Is a Battlefield,” which always rang true to me. A minefield, in my case. I was always tiptoeing around so as not to offend or cause an argument. I constantly capitulated to another person’s opinions to smooth things over when disagreements occurred, and then ended up feeling bitter and resentful, just counting the minutes until I could walk out the door. Every time I got involved with someone, it was always about their wants and their needs, never mine. You may have noticed that I eliminated most “dating stories” from my blog refresh. This is because the whole thing is too depressing to think about, and it’s also why I hate the Wayback Machine and how they’ve screenshotted some of that shit forever. They told me how I can request deletion, but it’s a big PITA.

So anyway. For Jim’s prompt today, I wanted to use a song about an actual mine ~ “My Darling Clementine.” This is another song I used to play on my paint-by-number organ, and I have fond memories of belting out “IN A CAVERN, IN A CANYON, EXCAVATING FOR A MINE, lived a miner forty-niner and his daughter Clementine…” Off-key, natch. But every version on YouTube sucks so much I can’t bear to put it here.

What’s really strange is that it’s often listed as a children’s song. Wtf? It’s about a girl who drowns in a river! Granted, the lyrics are amusing, but in a macabre way, not for a happy singalong imo. But even the adult versions sucked, and yep I include Bobby Darin’s in this group. Sad. I guess we also find “Running Bear” funny, but it’s not. Rivers be dangerous, yo.

Side note: I discovered while poking around for this song that there was a 1946 movie called My Darling Clementine, starring Henry Fonda. The film includes the song, but the lyrics don’t track with the plot at all except for the girl’s name. It’s supposedly one of the best westerns of all time, so maybe I’ll watch it if I can find it.

By this point, you must be wondering if I’m actually going to post a song with “mine” in it or just jabber on about irrelevant stuff forever. Well, it’s my blog and I can be boring if I want to, so there! Pffft. Just kidding. I have a song, but it isn’t about romantic enslavement… it’s about a place.

“L.A.’s fine, but it ain’t home
New York’s home, but it ain’t mine
No more”

That’s right. We can always rely upon good old Neil to have a song with a word in it, lol. I present “I Am, I Said,” from 1971, by the ultimate gem himself, Mr. Diamond. Enjoy!


Written for Jim’s Thursday Inspiration.

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9 responses to “Mine Until the End of Time…

  1. You know I love Neil, and I love this song, but…

    “And no one heard at all
    Not even the chair”

    The chair? C’mon Neil, we know you can do better🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  2. That Neil song was great Paula. Clementine is the daughter of a miner in the 1849 California Gold Rush. The story is about an unnamed miner, his daughter Clementine and her unnamed sister. They lead a simple life and Clementine seems to be responsible for the ducks, so a good guess would be that they live on a farm. Clementine’s feet are so big that she has to wear boxes instead of shoes (presumably because size 9 shoes are not available). This type of detail would not be mentioned if this song was a serious romantic ballad. Clementine was most likely a good looking girl, because it says, “Light she was and like a fairy”, so she probably floated around the place gracefully. Clementine meets her tragic demise when she gets a splinter in her toe, as she was innocently enough taking the ducks down to the river for a swim. This causes her to fall into a river and drown, which is clearly a ridiculous accident, the miner can’t swim, so there is no hope of saving her. This escapade is told in a deadpan style, so no one is laughing and life must go on. The miner morns Clementine, but he soon forgets her after kissing Clementine’s little sister. He missed her terribly, but he was consoled by being with her sister. The remaining lyrics in this song are usually not taught to children. Darkness and cruelty run deep in this song, and as what I always thought of as being a nice and quaint melody, turns out to be downright depressing. The miner can’t get over the loss of his daughter Clementine, he thinks about committing suicide, so he can be with his Clementine. He buried Clementine in a churchyard near the canyon, amongst the myrtle roses and the posies, and they are being fertilized by her corpse. She still haunts his dreams and he sees her, “Robed in garments, soaked in brine; Then she rises from the water And I kiss my Clementine.” Just a bit creepy and I am not getting into the whole incest thing or the necrophilia implications.

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  3. I remember buying this as a single. I can still remember the words. Oh my.

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  4. I listen to Neil sing today . . . just saying great song and great post, Claudia

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