TMP23: Dumpster Divers

TMP monday peeve

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

OK, so dumpster divers. Yes, we can all feel sorry for them, but I am so annoyed at the ones who come to my condo complex. They are complete slobs and fling trash everywhere while they’re looking for whatever it is they search for. One day I took some paper towels outside and picked up the garbage on the grass, but now there’s more and just ugh. I guess that isn’t the job of gardeners/maintenance peeps, so it just sits there and rots, possibly attracting rats. The actual garbagemen only pick up the bin to dump in their truck; they don’t tidy things up ~ nor do I expect them to. The fact that there’s a sign on the door to the bins saying NO SCAVENGING (with the relevant police code) does nothing to deter the divers, nor is there any point to calling the police, since they probably have more important things to do. And god forbid I should be a “Karen” over some poor dude just looking for cans to recycle for a buck. But if I thought it would have any lasting beneficial effect, I would totally go Karen on them! Perhaps it’s time to put locks on the doors so only residents can enter the bin area. Not sure how that would work for the garbage pickups though. I’m just so tired of litter and sloppiness. People have no respect for the property of others nor for the earth itself. It’s just more of the same selfish, inconsiderate behavior we see in other peeves.


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25 responses to “TMP23: Dumpster Divers

  1. That’s really awful but unfortunately a reality! Why people cannot be more careful I wonder? 🤔

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  2. I think they do it out of resentment. They have nothing while others have a lot more. I’ve seen them doing it too.

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  3. I started a couple of comments, then realized how complex an issue this is. We’re all trying to be “correct,” which is a good thing, but are missing the point that being needy AND obnoxious is maybe more than we should have to deal with. If old cans or glass bottles are worth money in California (not here) I would gladly sort them and make them easy for someone to take without having to dig around in a dumpster.
    I have very little patience for people sitting at busy intersections panhandling from passing drivers–I wonder if these able bodied people are sharing their take with other homeless people who are unable to stand out in the sun or the cold and sleet all day long as they are.

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  4. We have the same problem where I live. We aren’t allowed to put out a large bag of garbage in the bin outside because of homeless people dumpster diving.

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  5. I live next door to a junker. He picks up stuff from people’s trash. He isn’t homeless. In fact, I suspect he has a lot of cash. He inherited three properties and turned them into an unofficial junkyard. He holds everyone in the neighborhood hostage. We can’t sell our property and leave because he has decreased our property value. He doesn’t live there. I suspect he has a nice house across town. Meanwhile, the rest of us have a view of abandoned vehicles, old deep freezers, porta pots, and kitchen sinks. There, I had my rant for the day. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Ugh! That’s horrible 😦


      • It is horrible. The city is trying to make him clean up the place, but he does enough to stop legal action then does as he pleases.

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      • This is a lower-grade example of why the current version of American society is on quicksand. A higher-grade example would be someone who does something vicious and injures or kills someone and “The City” or “The State” or whoever doesn’t effectively retaliate in the name of the People.

        CIVICS LESSON: The power to forcefully retaliate (different than immediate self-defense) MUST be a monopoly of The State, otherwise you have chaos. The State MUST take action in the name of the people to retaliate for offenses against those people. You can’t have people roaming around killing each other or kicking the shit out of each other either for vengeance or because they won’t comply with the norm. That way is chaos/anarchy.

        The henhouselady’s Garbageturd, your sad-sack maggot dumpster-diver, as well as with a bazillion other examples I can come up with, is what happens when The State fails in the exercise of that monopoly on force — people will no longer rely on The State to effectively perform its end of the social contract to protect them from and punish assholes and WILL protect/retaliate themselves in that absence.

        Consider, when Mr. Garbageturd is grabbed by some of the more annoyed locals and pounded into a thin paste because they’re sick of him, no one would blink an eye. Why? Because THE STATE HAS FAILED, and the neighborhood has taken up the burden themselves.

        This is how you get stories like Ken McElroy ( That’s an old one, but versions are becoming more common by the day lately because The State has abdicated their role in the use of force in favor of a PC “don’t hurt anyone’s little feelers” approach to criminal justice. See “Any Story Coming Out Of Downtown Portland (aka The Third World Shithole Of The Pacific Northwest) For The Last 12 Months”.

        The people have been left to fend for themselves. (

        So, when your dumpster diver or neighborhood junk collector or other version of maggotry winds up floating in the bay, and you’re feeling just terrible about that satisfied flash of “it’s about f***ing time” that hits you before you overcome it and get all properly guilty about feeling that way, don’t bother looking for a suspect — they’re listed on the letterhead of the clowns taxing YOU by force to “provide protection”.

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  6. i was going to suggest locks. and hold your nausea, sometimes they are hungry and are looking for discarded food 🤢
    homelessness and poverty are horrid!

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  8. I guess an unfortunate consequence of society not giving a shit about desperate people is that giving a shit about society is probably pretty low on desperate people’s priority lists.

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