Frostings Cupcakery [repost]

Image is mine

Review of two Frostings cupcakes.

[Guest post from 2012 by Steven as follows.]

The cupcakes were standard size and 3.50 each.  I would have preferred a smaller cupcake.

Both the red velvet and the night and day had the same white frosting, which was fresh and delicious and not too sweet.  Both cupcakes had slightly dry cake, and it was starting to get a little crusty on the outside.  The red velvet was the tastier of the two; the chocolate was not chocolatey enough.

Frosting: A
Red velvet cake: B
Chocolate cake: C
Overall: B


Image does not depict a Frostings cupcake.

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4 responses to “Frostings Cupcakery [repost]

  1. Wait. What white frosting? Red velvet requires cream cheese frosting or you’re doing it wrong.


    • Steven says: I think I might have been mistaken about the frosting. The red velvet did have a cream cheese frosting, and the night and day had a vanilla frosting. Both were good, but they did taste very much alike.


  2. Well that’s just sad. If they gave you cream cheese that barely tastes different from buttercream, they have betrayed you.


  3. seems tasty. Oh, I got water in mouth after seeing this.

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