Jamie’s Cryin’


Now Jamie wouldn’t say alright
She knew he’d forget her
And so they said a goodnight
And now he’s gone forever

That’s from Van Halen’s “Jamie’s Cryin’,” one of my favorite songs from them. To be clear, I only acknowledge Van Halen with David Lee Roth, not that other guy whom I can’t stand. Anyway, Jim’s teardrop prompt today reminded me of the song. Its implication is that if Jamie had said “yes” and invited this guy in, he wouldn’t be gone forever. Well, he still might be! I mean, a lot of guys are gone forever after one date, whether they get laid or not.

I guess, in some cases, it might be nice to have the memory of one night in each other’s arms rather than no memory at all. Like if he went off to war the next day and got killed. Or just had a fatal accident on the freeway. Then you could spend the rest of your life recalibrating that one memory to perfection, sure that he had been your soul mate. More likely though, he’d just ghost, as they do, and you’d have to wonder why. Were you not sexy enough? Did you say the wrong thing? Did you forget to make a lasagna? You know, the usual worries…

Personally, I finished crying over men in 2017 or so, and it’s really nice to be free of that anxiety. But I’m old. I understand the motivation to keep trying when you’re younger. Good luck to all who still have hopes of meeting “the one.”

“Jamie’s Cryin’” appeared on Van Halen’s 1978 debut album (titled Van Halen). It sold over 10 million copies in the US alone, achieving diamond certification. So many great songs! RIP Eddie Van Halen, who passed away in October of last year, which is another reason for teardrops.


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10 responses to “Jamie’s Cryin’

  1. I like being able to make lasagna when I want it, not when someone else wants it.

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  2. How is that a nice to have the memory if he goes to war and gets killed? I did enjoy your classic ghosting about forgetting to make a lasagna, which I am certain happens all the time. Thanks for joining in with your fabulous post today Paula.

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  3. To tell the truth, when I saw the lyrics I just assumed she buried him in the garden because he was a butthead who was going to forget her anyhow after wrapping her around the axle…wimmins been getting pretty hardcore about that sort of thing lately…

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  4. Not a Van Hagar fan? I saw them at Pacifc Amphitheater with Vince Neil opening (🙄) in 93. A friend won tickets from a local radio station and we went up on a bus. Free show🤷🏼‍♀️
    Now that song is gonna be stuck in my head🤪🎶

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  5. I had my share of one nighters when I used to play around. Usually it was because one or the other of us was involved elsewhere and steppin’ out. Only one of the one nighters is memorable and not because it was amazing sex either (he had trouble with his little soldier. Aww) It was because of what happened after he left. (I always think of Bob Seger’s “The Fire Inside” when I think about that guy too).

    He was from what I consider my home town (I wasn’t born there, but it’s always meant home to me), and my parents knew him as they lived there too. The build up to our ‘date’ was great, the reality was a lot less.

    My father asked me how the date went (they thought it was a date, not a hook-up and I didn’t correct their mistake. Who needs their parents know that stuff??) He DID take me to dinner and dancing, even though he spent most of the time getting drunk and trying to pick up the waitress. And then expected to get laid too.

    I said the date was not good, and that I doubted I’d ever go out with that guy again. I said he’d gotten drunk (true), but not the other more embarrassing stuff about the waitress. My father saw the guy on the Main street a few days later and ran up behind him and kicked his ass. Literally booted him in the rear. Knocked the guy over. Said “Stay away from my daughter you boob! NOBODY treats her that way.”

    Months later when everyone had forgotten about it the guy passed my parents on that same Main street and stopped my father and shook his hand and thanked him. The guy said that kick in the ass had changed his life and he saw what a loser he’d become, and apparently he straightened his act up after that. I don’t know. As I said I never saw him again.

    Lasagna IS easier! LOL 😛

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    • Great story! Yes, so many times the buildup is better than the er bang. This is why I often preferred flirting with men online too far away to meet. You get the beautiful sexy fantasy without the reality of having to deal with morning breath, etc.

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