The Art Forger [repost]

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I loved The Art Forger by Barbara A. Shapiro. Surprised the hell out of me, it did. Here are some notes…

1. It’s in first person, present tense. Eww, right? But it works well here.

2. There are constant flips to a backstory from 3 years ago. Yucky, normally. But it works to build suspense and character, and Shapiro does it well.

3. There’s a series of old letters from 100 years ago. OMG noooo! But they are oddly… interesting.

4. A whole bunch of technical stuff is plastered in about painting technique. Weirdly fascinating. Plus how can I not adore the word “craquelure?”

5. The heroine’s attraction to a certain dude annoys me, but I’m cheering for her anyway. Go figure.

None of the characters are very likeable, in that they have glaring ethical flaws, yet I can totally sympathize with the heroine regardless. Eh, probably because of her ethical flaws! It’s all in the writing, which kept me invested in the story, the characters, and the outcome. These factors (1-5) often turn me off, but a good writer can overcome them.

Thing is, I never would have found this book, much less bought and enjoyed it, if it wasn’t for the Kindle Unlimited program. I don’t have unlimited funds for book purchases, nor do I feel like lugging around library books. Ebooks are perfect for me and KU keeps me well supplied with new titles.

[Written in 2015. Still true.]


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10 responses to “The Art Forger [repost]

  1. Am I the first to ask if this is an April Fool’s post?
    As a fellow peeps-phile, I’m sure you know they are now available for all occasions. I got some that had a layer of chocolate on the bottom at a post-Xmas Target clearance sale and am miffed that I have been unable to find more similarly and deliciously embellished since.

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  2. I hate peeps. There, I said it.

    I pulled out of KDP Select so I’m not in KU anymore. The four borrows I got over the 90 day commitment period weren’t enough to make up for being exclusive to Amazon.

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  3. 1p allows a greater expression of what a person is actually feeling, I find. It’s more evocative. Sometimes that’s the only way to tell a particular story.

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  4. Between Netgalley (where I get free books to review), my local library’s ebook collection, and Prime Reading, I seldom pay for books.

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  5. OK, I’ll bite – I needed something to read with lunch….

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