TMP20: Feet

TMP monday peeve

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

I’m grateful to have feet, of course, but they’re really annoying in so many ways. They seem to be a pretty tough part of the body, but if there’s even the tiniest speck in a shoe… bam, painful blister. Never mind stepping on a Lego ~ if I step on a piece of kitty litter it’s like a shard of glass. Horrible toe cramps assault me at random times, occasionally in the middle of the night, and I have to massage them out or they won’t quit screaming. AND NO IT DOESN’T RELATE TO HOW MUCH WATER I HAD! (Before anyone starts up with that.) And if you stub one of the little suckers on a table leg or something? OMG, they yell like they’re gonna die. I bump other parts of my bod into things and it’s like OK ouchie ow then life goes on, amirite? Not toes. They cry for days. Divas, all of them. And another thing. No matter how much moisturizer I put on my feet, they stay rough and flaky, unlike my legs which I rarely put lotion on and yet THEY aren’t dry and gross. It’s embarrassing to wear sandals, not to mention the fact that my particular toenails are abnormally tiny so they are very hard to polish. I don’t actually even try these days.

But the worst thing of all is if you drop something on TOP of a foot. Holy crap! It swells up like mad, hurts like the devil, and takes FOREVER to get better. Saturday morning a shampoo bottle fell on my left foot in the shower and I’m now sporting this swollen egg-sized lump over the bone, plus a hideously ugly green and purple bruise spreading around to the underside of my foot. (Writing this Saturday night. Yes, I lead an exciting life. NO, I’m not posting any injury pr0n on this blog; go google icky feet pics for yourself.)

This isn’t as bad as that time in 1999 though when a bottle of Sprite rolled out of the fridge onto my right foot. I couldn’t walk on it a few hours later and was in such agony I’d shattered a bone. My dad kindly took me for emergency x-rays at 8PM, but nothing was broken. Diagnosis: dumbass! Rx: don’t drop things on feet.



Image altered from the original at Pixabay.

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20 responses to “TMP20: Feet

  1. I can totally understand your pain.

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  2. I’m hurting for you. 😥

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  3. Oh my gosh toe cramps in the middle of the night are the worst!! I once dropped a tin of tomatoes on my foot (as I was picking it up the bag broke). The bruise was “lovely”

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  4. i feel you!! and, damn, don’t people really make you homicidal with drink water, take potassium (which is dangerous) even when you say, i’ve tried everything!!

    i have said for years that i have “princess and the pea” feet. lol


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  6. Argh, toe cramps are horrible!

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  7. Staying up till the wee hours, long after The Beneficiary has gone to bed, creeping into the totally dark room trying to not wake her, and manage an NFL-grade kickoff under the corner of the nightstand with a bare foot which is suddenly approximately 75% raw nerve dipped in molten copper, throbbing and cramping nearly to my knee — but I manage to not scream like a little girl, not a peep. I’m so quiet I can practically hear the bones grinding in my foot. Seems like it takes about an hour to calm down enough to let me not weep, much less sleep. And she hasn’t a clue…damn I’m considerate…

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  8. About five years ago my horse stepped on my foot. /the nail o m big toe went black and came off. Now it has grown back , at last, but it look crooked and weird. Arghhh!

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  9. ::Looks at own feet:: Thanks, guys, for being so little trouble. I will continue to give you cushy inserts. Love you!

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