Room Service [fss]

Woman offering ghost spirit

“Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between heaven and hell,” I say to my wife on the phone.

She laughs. “Don’t tell me you were driving your new Mercedes down the dark desert highway! You know how that area affects your judgment.”

“You’re right. I swear I saw dancers in the courtyard when I checked in, but I’m sure it was only a twist of light.” As we chat, I wish I’d taken the longer route to my client’s place, especially because I’m back at the same hotel where all the weirdness began.

“Oh honey.” She sounds disappointed in me. “Is that strange woman Tiffany still there?”

“Yes, but don’t worry,” I tell her. “I ordered room service this time. No way am I ending up in that tub full of pink champagne on ice again.”

“I hope not,” she says. “You have only one kidney left now.”

I hear a knock. “My food is here, sweetie. Talk to you tomorrow.”

As I open the door, I hear a mission bell. The waitress holds out a tray of covered dishes and steely knives. “Your dinner, sir.”

Image source unknown.
Written for Fandango’s Story Starter 5.
Inspired by the Eagles’ “Hotel California.”

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

13 responses to “Room Service [fss]

  1. I just hope there’s an opportunity to drink the bathtub full of pink champagne before kidney removal #2…

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  2. Somehow I am thinking that this hotel is in California. Nice story Paula.


  3. Its lovely Paula…. Can’t wait for the next… 😁😀

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  4. This is an intriguing story Paula

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  5. Brilliant! Bravo!!

    (I wonder if he could smell colitas in the air …)

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  6. I bet he can check-out any time he likes, but he can never leave.

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