Mamma Mia 2 [repost]

Here we go again! I loved the original Mamma Mia! and I adored this sequel/prequel just as much if not more. What a fun flick!

It also made me cry a few times because at heart it was about the relationship between Donna and her daughter Sophie, and there were several very poignant moments.

But let’s be honest: this was a campy, crazy, cheesy, over-the-top, wild spree! Most of the scenes were completely wackadoo, waaay out of control, with spangles, bell-bottoms, impulsive romantic encounters, etc. The scenery was beyond beautiful and the choreography was super-creative. It was fantastic!

I loved the cast. Lily James was terrific as young Donna. The three dads were as funny as last time, if not more, and their younger selves were spot-on. Passport guy was hilarious. The best-known ABBA songs were used in MM1, so we were treated to some I wasn’t familiar with in MM2, but that was fine with me. We still had several old faithfuls throughout the film.

Cher and Andy Garcia doing “Fernando”… omg, what a crack-up! “Waterloo” with young Donna and young Harry would be my fave overall, except the grand finale of “Super Trooper” with all hands was so spectacular that nothing can come close to touching that number.

It was so great to see an upbeat movie ~ I really needed that.


Image from the movie.

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21 responses to “Mamma Mia 2 [repost]

  1. Sounds like silly fun. 🙂

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  2. Young Tanya and young Rosie were also great and spot on!

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  3. We recently went to the stage production here, fabulous.

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  4. I loved the stage show. Hated the movie. Would probably hate this latest iteration.

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  5. I can’t wait to see it!

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  6. I’ve only seen the first one. ABBA music is so much fun!

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  7. It’s on my list.

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  8. I was just thinking about needing to watch this movie again!! I loved it, especially Harry’s “I’m spontaneous” 😄

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  9. Oh I really loved it too! I particularly love the scene transitions between the present and the past, so cleverly done. As a reasonably young mum myself in my time both movies somehow touched a chord with me – together they create the perfect cheesy movie duo, even though the whole sequel/ prequel thing in MM2 doesn’t necessarily work if you look at the story-line too closely… And I agree all three dads are brilliant, I love them all! But I do always have a soft spot for Colin Firth though, in whatever role he plays ❤

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  10. I love both of these films, just easy entertainment isn’t it. Plus Pierce Brosnan trying to sing always cracks me up 😆

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  11. can’t get enough of this. thanks!

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