Northern Lights

northern lights

How did I come to be living in a tiny house at the frozen edge of nowhere? I’m glad you asked! It all began with my impulsive profile on a new dating site. I know, I know. I promised never to do that again, but I felt naughty after a few glasses of wine, lonely on Valentine’s Day, so I went ahead and joined. I set my filter to show me only men over 50 who liked to read. I didn’t want to be too picky, but I had to pare down the possibilities and begin somewhere. Immediately, I was presented with a menu of candidates to choose from and clicked “like” on several promising prospects.

None of them contacted me though. Instead, a man from Alaska wrote to me telling me how special I was. He said he loved books and had bought all of mine (and he left reviews!!!), so naturally I was intrigued. He showed me pictures of his beautiful location, so quiet and peaceful ~ perfect for writers! Then he sent me plane tickets. Since I’m retired and have no pets or commitments, I figured what the hell and flew up there. We had a really nice time, taking romantic walks under the flashing night sky, reading poetry to each other in front of the fireplace, and eating juicy mooseburgers. It was all so cozy and sweet, but it was too soon to decide whether we should stay together, so I tried to book a flight back.

But I wasn’t allowed! The war had begun and all passenger planes had been commandeered by the military. We were safe for now up in the cold wilderness, but our supplies would run out. The wolves somehow knew we would soon be easy pickings and started to move closer, like the trees in Macbeth. Each night we heard them, howling and hungry, until one broke in and perched on my chest, yelling in my face.

Oh, it was only Gatsby, my cat. What a weird dream! Thankful not to be breakfast, I got ready for work.


Written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Image from Google Photo Frame.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

21 responses to “Northern Lights

  1. Great post. Do you live in Alaska? I’ve always wanted to go there, but only for a visit.

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  2. At least he wasn’t barfing on your chest.

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  3. Lol! You had me worried for you back there.

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  4. So I guess that you never actually tried one of those juicy mooseburgers.

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  5. An interesting dream. Glad to know your cat is not a man eater!

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  6. Riveting read, Paula!

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  7. Leave it to the cat to bring you back to reality!

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  8. Alaska is far too weird.

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  9. Cute story! Sounded like a beautiful dream until war came 😦

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  10. Is having a fling that winds up making you a wolf entree what you’d call a “consuming passion”?


    Oh, so sorry. I’ll just sit over here and be quiet.

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