Fried [socs]

Fried veggies fair food

Today Linda asks us to write about the first word that comes to mind from the last picture we took. I took this shot of my fried veggies at the OC Fair last weekend. These were a mix of mushrooms, artichokes, and zucchini. The first two were delicious, but the zucchini was meh. I also had a roasted ear of corn earlier, which was good, but not as yummy as I remember. As I found a seat with my veggies, I saw a place selling mac&cheese egg rolls and I’ve been thinking about them all week. They’re probably disgusting, but I’d like to try one now. I don’t usually eat fried food, except when I have a migraine. I sometimes get a small pack of fries, which makes my head feel better. Idk why. They also had fried frogs’ legs at the fair ~ at the kiosk where my friend bought a bacon wrapped corn dog ~ and I remembered how I tried those as a kid in NYC, not fried though. They really did taste like chicken. Seems disgusting now, but then so does chicken when you really think about it. My mom burned herself badly once when frying chicken and never made it again. I watched her cut open an aloe plant to soothe her skin. I have a big bottle of aloe for sunburn, but I’m generally too careful to get one. I put on lots of sunscreen before I went to the fair. Pretty much all the food there is fried and/or loaded with sugar, so it’s not gonna be a healthy day unless you sneak in your own food or fast.


Image is mine.

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12 responses to “Fried [socs]

  1. These look like pakoras that we make with chickpeas flour.

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  2. I went to a party where the host told me that I had to try the chicken legs and after I did, he told me that they were frogs legs.

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  3. One thing eating fries does is quickly raise your blood sugar levels, FWIW.
    Ew, frog legs. Best to stick with bacon wrapped corn dogs, a known quantity.
    One time I had to work on the phone wiring inside one of those chicken places which shall go unnamed, crawling around under their counters in the kitchen, and I couldn’t eat chicken for about a year after that.

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  4. Fairs will deep-fry anything. Mars Bars, ice cream, butter… Deep-fried pickles are actually quite good, though.

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  5. I usually don’t do deep fries and I stay away from them too. You feel better during your migraines when you eat fried food!? That’s interesting. I usually don’t feel like eating anything at all when I’m down with migraine!

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  6. Deep Fried tends to upset my stomach more this days. So if I eat anything deep fried it’s always in a small quantity, which probably isn’t a totally bad thing, lol

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  7. Mac & cheese goes really well with fried foods.

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