Red Red Wine

cupcake wine

I used to like to drink alcohol and began early. I had champagne at our neighbor’s apartment when I was 9 and my parents didn’t care (they were there too). The thing I associate most with that night is that the neighbors kept playing “Sugar Sugar” on their record player. My parents never made alcohol a forbidden thing ~ they just wanted me to be responsible with the car after I began driving. Of course, I wasn’t. But TG nothing bad happened. I was lucky, not smart or skilled in this respect. Just lucky.

Like many people, I used to associate drinking with dating and romance. It was normal back in the day (and probably still is, idk) for first dates to consist of a drink, or two or three, and then maybe dinner if we were still getting along, or not. Dinner dates almost always included a drink or a bottle of wine. Weddings and special occasions were booze-fests and still are, I guess. Funny that alcohol is ALSO associated with breakups, grief, and sadness in general ~ and not only in country songs but in real life. Drink when you’re happy, drink when you’re sad. Just keep it flowing.

I sound anti-alcohol, which I’m not. I’m just sad that it doesn’t agree with me any longer, and I wish it did because I enjoy the taste and the buzz. Occasionally, I can have a small amount (very small) with no ill-effects ~ last Saturday I had half a glass of pear ale and was fine ~ but if I have any more than that, I’m pretty much guaranteed a stabby migraine. I miss coming home from work and having a glass of one of my favorite merlots (pictured above) or having a yummy margarita or piña colada in a restaurant. I fell in love with cinnamon whiskey on a date way back when and it would be so nice to have that again (the whiskey, not the date). I also miss Bailey’s Irish Cream, which is fabulous over vanilla or coffee ice cream…


Image is mine.

Written for Jim’s Thursday Inspiration.

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14 responses to “Red Red Wine

  1. My better drinking days are also over and my doctor is worried about the shape that my kidneys are in. I overdid it too many times and I was very lucky to have survived doing all the crazy stuff that I did back in the day.

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  2. My parents always treated alcohol as a normal thing to consume in moderation at home, and I certainly never saw them drunk. They would offer me sips of beer and wine, but I didn’t like the taste of either. When I was in university, I started drinking coolers when partying. I binge drank through university, and then switched to more civilized moderate drinking in my mid-20’s. I didn’t start drinking wine until I travelled to France when I was 26.

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  3. My Dads a alcoholic, and you know he really is, because he denies it all the time he is…while drunk, lol. So although it doesn’t stop me from drinking, I am aware.

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  4. When I was a kid there were too many drunk grownups around. Then I “grew up” and did a lot of drinking, since I guess I thought it was required, then one day I saw a drunk middle-aged guy sitting at the bar and acting like he was about 150% smarter and funnier than he really was, and thought, nope, nope, nope.
    The first clue should have been when most alcoholic drinks were said to be an “acquired taste,” which turns out to be code for, “you must have some other compelling reason to drink this.” And most compelling reasons, by nature, deserve at least a little investigation.

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  5. I love this! I too was offered wine at a family members home back when I was 10. I hated it! Moderation was emphasised but it was never forbidden. I think this helped me respect the many wine varietals available to try and eventually learnt what I do like. Along the way I have always associated food and wine with get togethers. As a way to share something I enjoy, with the people I enjoy. I have discovered some amazing wineries along the way, through sharing recommendations and talking about what we consume. It is a delicious journey!

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