Sunset birds

I hope you’ll enjoy some of these (lightly edited) poems I wrote to Twitter prompts this year.

Savage need
Ravished me
With unrelenting speed.
Done and undone,
I float unseen,
A stranger to the sun.
Translucent in the dark,
Pieces of my heart
Shatter endlessly.

Dew-frosted leaves
Gift us a living evergreen
Reminder of impermanency.
As love’s summer heat
Fades into autumn mysticism,
Winter on its feet,
Will we watch our breath escape
With our dissipating illusions
And retreat inside our hearts?

Kaleidoscopic dreams
Swirl silently to the sea—
Violet sunflower green;
Love and lust and need
Subsumed endlessly
Under the tide of infinity.

Gossamer veils
Of lace & light
Swirl into silver
Blue midnight.
Forgotten desires
Come to life &
Weave a tapestry
Of complex magic
Across space & time.
Love, once sacrificed,
Awakens to reclaim
Its rightful prize.

I go down to the sea,
Soothed by its serenity
And grace. Layers
Of consciousness float
Away on the waves.
Liberated emotions
Release both pain
And joy. My soul
Clears new space
For the rhythm of tides
And the velvet ribbon
Of the darkest night.

Drunk on plum wine
And strawberry kisses,
I missed the fact
That this was fiction.
A juicy fantasy,
Sweet and sticky,
Seduced my mind…
So delicious.

Mirrors & smoke
Shadows & glass…
Loving you most
Meant loving you last.
Sustained by the dream,
I retreat to the mists,
Loving you always
From one toxic kiss…

Wistful echoes haunt my dreams;
Shadows dance in lonely rooms.
Cascading whispers hint
At promises yet unfulfilled;
Strands of hope weave
A silken midnight fragility.
I shine with the sleepless stars,
Forgetting that dawn will bring
Eternal sorrow once again.

The tides were low
And asked the moon:
Where do you go?
Please come home soon.
Moon turned his face
And hid his smile.
He needed space;
He’d be gone a while.

Heard it said
You’re never dealt
More than you can handle.
Temptation’s gamble
Saw my double down;
All cards on the table,
No ace up my sleeve,
Two Jacks hitting on me…
Should have split then
Cuz the house always wins.

Psychedelic soul
Unmoored from the mind
Dives under the sea,
Dances on starshine.
The further she floats,
The closer she glows,
Embracing the space
Between moments in time.

City of dreams:
Serpentine streets
Paved with glitter
Sure fooled me.
Flip the façades
Upside down—
All those angels
Demons now.
Curdled milk,
Poisoned honey,
Bogus love,
Phony money.

A soul passed who
I didn’t know.
But I feel the glow
Of loving tributes;
His beauty shines
In blues and golds,
Violet hopes,
White angel wings,
The green of spring,
A pink blush of dawn…
His soul lives on
In cosmic colors.

The magic of words
Drew me into your pages:
An elixir of verbs,
Punctuated with rages.
The plot got too twisted,
Motivations unclear.
My point of view shifted:
Our story ends here.

Summer love
Passed me by;
Soft rain dripped
Down tearstained skies.
Blue dreams curled
On warm night sand;
Broken seashells
Slipped through my hands.
Waves of hope
Crashed and faded—
Sunshine romance,
So overrated.

Words that linger in my mind;
Love that loiters past its prime;
All these false starts,
Every smashed dream
Begins with your name
And ends in silence.
The stories we tell now
Fail to describe us;
They float like lost ghosts,
Catching the last light.

Image from Pexels.
Poetry form: various.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

6 responses to “Twittering

  1. I really love “Wistful echoes haunt my dreams;”, they are all lovely though!

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  2. Nice. Thank you. I”ll read them again.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really like the line “A silken midnight fragility.”

    Liked by 1 person

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