TMP18: Roadwork

TMP monday peeve

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

We’ve peeved a lot about driving ~ speeders, red light runners, rude/dangerous drivers generally, etc.. Those are all great peeve topics and will likely be revisited. But what about the roads themselves? I’m a fan of well-maintained roads like any normal person, but wtf is up with the constant construction? It literally never ends around here, dunno about your part of the planet. For years, YEARS, the route I used to take to work had an overpass under construction, to the point of them occasionally blocking off the thing entirely. I think it’s finished now, though I’ve since moved and take a different route. Nowadays, I find that streets around where I live are randomly blocked for some sort of maintenance, and then a few months later, the same street is screwed up again. I don’t remember this happening all the time in the past and I don’t understand why a repair doesn’t last longer. It’s so GRRRR when I expect to mindlessly drive down a particular road to get where I need to go and then OOPSY NO ACCESS FOR YOU ~ the road is blocked off and I must detour around and around and around.


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16 responses to “TMP18: Roadwork

  1. We usually have road repairs in summer along the highways. The internal city roads are seldom blocked for repairs. I can imagine how frustrating it would be.

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  2. There are 20 different road construction projects going on in the Orlando, FL area right now and I am certain that more are planned for the future.

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  3. The crews don’t seem very efficient. I don’t know if work is done by city employees or third-party vendors. If the latter, they are notorious for starting a project and leaving it half finished to start another project, so they don’t have to turn down new business. I think this got worse when they were able to use steel plates to cover up holes.
    What is maddening is when work is being done on a heavily used route, and simultaneously on a nearby route that would normally be the alternate route. It seems like there is zero coordination of street closings.

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  4. This happened to me recently. I was out with a friend and I knew the city was working on one end of the street but didn’t know they had continued down. The road was still open but it was only dirt…thank goodness she drives an SUV.

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  5. In my town, all those who drive are already aware of the fact that the route they take for work today may not be same tomorrow, because of all unnatural causes 🙂

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  6. In my city, it seems like they’ve come up with a roadwork plan such that f your drive to work is more than 10 minutes, it’s pretty much guaranteed that some chunk of that drive will be under construction every year.

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  7. My hometown was a pretty boring place and there wasn’t much going on. The roads were constantly under construction. I used to think that the town planning board was so bored, they couldn’t think of anything better to do besides rip up the roads and put them back together again. Like a puzzle.

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  8. This is a country-wide problem, I think!

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  10. I think it would be such a frustration like you say in a large city with lots of traffic. To be re-routed every time you go somewhere is not fun! I don’t notice so much here, as I don’t go anywhere much, but there is always something going on with all the orange cones, and it takes forever for them to finish. It seems random which road they ‘fix’, while those that really need it, they don’t do anything. 🙂
    P.S. I have a minor peeve today which I’ll post, as it’s bugging me today.

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  12. Our roads are the pits……… literally and they tend to fill in the holes with a shovel of tarmac, drive over it a couple of times, and consider it repaired.

    Here’s my peeve today, though it;s not about roads

    Monday Peeve: 26th July

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  13. My daughter was just complaining about the roads where she works in RI. She said she bottomed out really bad today. Around me everything is down to one lane all the time. What on earth are they doing? The roads look the same when they move the cones.

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