Philomena [repost]


This movie starred the incomparable Judi Dench ~ and I absolutely loved it. Steve Coogan was great as well. I’m not good at movie reviews, so I will lazily direct you to this one, which is perfection.

One thing I want to specifically mention though is Philomena’s recap of a romance novel as she and Martin (Coogan) were traveling. I died laughing in the theater. (Yes, I died and am poasting from the beyond with my special code.) First, it reminded me of when I’d sum up bodice rippers for my friend Elizabeth back in the day, in my special way, and we’d crack up to bits. Second, not only is it hilarious when a woman tries to explain to a man why she likes a romance novel, but here is a “lowbrow” woman cheerfully and cluelessly jabbering on to a cynical, smug intellectual about this book and he’s about to shoot himself. It is so fab. You should see the movie just for this scene.

Well no, that’s wrong. You should see Philomena because it’s wonderful. It begins small and gets huge. Do you know what I mean? So many movies start out with a ginormous explosion and a bunch of guys going, “Zomg, we’ve got less than twenty-four hours to save the planet!” Philomena begins with a sad woman who is missing her son and a journalist who needs to find a gig. As it proceeds, the themes become larger, deeper, and more philosophical.

Just excellent. Go see.


Image from Philomena.

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14 responses to “Philomena [repost]

  1. I certainly do know what you mean about beginning small and getting huge, ah, ah ha ha ha. OK, having ruined that “opportunity” for everyone else, I can now say you and the reviewer make this a compelling thing. Thing about movies is when I’m planning to see one I’ve forgotten which ones are which, which are good, and which will likely suck. Some distant day I’ll be flipping through the offerings and “Philomena” will catch my attention for just long enough for whimsy to do its work, Thanks for that.


  2. I loved this movie, it made me laugh, it made me cry and left me fuzzy inside at the end. I give is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  3. I worked with a girl named Philomena.

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  4. Saw it and loved it.

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  5. I wanted to watch this movie. I’ll try to get hold of it. Thanks for the reminder.

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  6. I knew you wrote this post a while ago. You know how I knew that? You wrote that you were “poasting” from the beyond! 😏

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  7. I appreciate the recommendation.

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