TMP17: Whiny Celebs

TMP monday peeve

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

Omg as it says! I am so tired of these pointless people gobbling up space in the news. I don’t CARE about them at all, not poor Britney, not canceled Chrissy, not sad Valerie, NONE OF THEM. This includes all the “royals” too. I actually was following Valerie Bertinelli on Twitter because she was funny and had pics of cats, but I unfollowed her last week over her whining. As if these fragile folks are the only ones to have ever been called fat or ugly on the internet. I wish they would take the boatloads of money that they accumulated via their lucky genetic draws and go enjoy it offline where I never have to hear about them again. RAWR!

Oh and for those who are about to comment all smugly that they don’t follow celebs, good for you. But this crap is also all over the regular news outlets. You can’t avoid it unless you never read any news at all.

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33 responses to “TMP17: Whiny Celebs

  1. Actually, I don’t read any news or listen to it! 😜

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  2. I know about Brittney due to headlines i get but nothing on Valerie. And is Chrissy the one who was a bully? I have heard about that one too. I admit though that I also read all the headlines on the ‘scandal rags’ as my grandma use to call them so I tend to be a little more up on them. But yes their whining about life is rather ick. I am sorry cannot think of another word. 🙂

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  3. Sad – very true – it’s like they thrive on complaints or constant brags – all for show. As my teacher in Journalism class stated, “Sensationalism sells.”

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  5. That kind of nonsense must make for easy viewer magnets, which makes media outlets publish more, and on and on in a sick and twisted cycle…

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  6. I agree it is impossible to NOT see stuff about whiny celebs. They turn up on my phone every time I want to Google something and I can assure you I am NOT Googling them. They are even on the nightly news. These celebs are omnipresent!

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  7. I don’t watch the news. I chooe to be uninformed rather than misinformed..

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  8. Related to musicians and celebrities who seem to think their political ideology is somehow more relevant or more informed.

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  9. Not just the celebs, though they’re certainly to blame for the extent of it, but. personally I’m to the teeth with the current endemic public perception that discourse means everyone should express every unfiltered thought and explore every mashed-up little feeler and expect everyone to stop their lives and shed a tear for them or whichever sad-sack cause they’ve taken up to fill their vacuous lives. Been there, done that, mea culpa.

    Whine, whine, whine, bitch, bitch bitch. Life’s not fair. I’m not getting my piece. Peepuls are so mean. Wah, wah, wah. I must take up my slacktivist, bullshit, pretend-I- give-a-rat’s-ass “cause” and stuff it into every nook and corner of my conversation so everyone will know how woke and caring I am, and also because it papers over the fact that MY life is a shitshow, which, by the way, I’m gonna trot out for you in excruciating detail anyhow so you’re aware what a true martyr I am.

    Bleedin’ Haysus on a stick, people. Some of them would bitch if they were hanged with a new rope. Look around — IDGAF what their status is in the Western world — they ARE the 1% on this planet, and most of their lives just don’t suck that badly, and they particularly just ain’t that special. How about just taking a break and enjoying themselves for a fucking minute, OK?

    And, before anyone starts in, you KNOW what I’m talking about — I ain’t talking legitimate physical issues, cancer patients, someone overcoming real trauma, sickness, death, and suchlike, and you KNOW it. You KNOW who I’m talking about, at least in general if not specifically, so don’t bother pretending you don’t.

    If y’all are prepared to be offended at me because I’m just not sensitive enough to the li’l feelers of some traumatized white-bread housefraus who has pulled a bad Tarot hand today, or who’s discovered that, no, you really CAN’T have it all, or whose haircut is a fail, or whose entire life is destroyed because of an overheard comment about her fat ass, YOU are who I’m talking about. Take a breath and get on with your life, thanks.

    OK, I’m done whining and bitching for a minute.

    PS: And all Hollywood celebs and their rich-bitch pointless fucking lives are apparently being emulated by Ms Whitebread can eat a giant bag of dicks, as yet another whiny friend of mine occasionally says.

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    • Yep yep yep! I can’t even mention the group (and their supporters) who are currently whining and pestering everyone on the planet about FUCKING PRONOUNS or else I’d get mercilessly skewered, and you know how much that terrifies me 😂

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      • Yeah, I’ve always been impressed with how easily you crumple and bruise when somebody talks mean to you. But, then, delicate little hothouse flowers like us need an especially gentle touch. We oughtta make a Facebook club or something. No, wait, they tossed me outta Facebook…”too sensitive”, they said…

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  10. i know who Britney is, but Chrissy and valerie? now I’ll have to go searching. lol

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  12. What is happening to Britney though, is pretty horrifying. She has no literal no control over her life or body. That’s a little different to the Royals or Chrissy.

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  13. Oh don’t get me started on celebs!!

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  14. For a long time I’ve said that there are people with problems and there are people with solutions. Social media has made that very apparent.

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  15. Add to this list: those billionaire space cowboys. Ugh!!!


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  17. I’m sick of whiny celebs too, but this is a day late and another kettle of fish

    Tuesday Rant

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  18. So true, over-privilege. Lifelong anti-royalist here.

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  19. Dang girl who peed in your porridge 🙂

    But snark aside, l am there at your side – you have penned it more politely than my blue rants about the whiny luvvies brigade! 🙂

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