Holiday Treats

Christmas cookies

Lately I’ve avoided some of the standard prompt questions in order to create a more poetry and fiction-focused blog, but today PCGuyIV asks about our favorite holiday treats and, well, I can’t resist talking about cookies.

While I adore lots of special occasion nummies, from pumpkin-shaped Reese’s PB cups to heart-shaped Reese’s PB cups to Christmas tree-shaped Reese’s PB cups… to, um, other stuff… there is nothing more delicious in this world than buttery, sugary Spritz cookies. Of course, they must be made in a old-fashioned metal press, with some dough colored red and other dough green and some left plain, and then sprinkled with colorful doodads when done. They should look exactly like the pic above I borrowed from Life, Love and Sugar. No frosting! No choccy! My mommy and I used to make butter Spritzes every year. So so so good!

Mom also used to make rum balls, which I love, but they’re so heartburny to me now. Mostly they’re smashed vanilla wafers smooshed up with rum and more sugar, shaped into balls, and left to ferment for a few weeks. I think it was the lure of “those aren’t ready yet!” that made them so enticing. I also like gingerbread a whole lot.

Chanukah provides yummy treats as well, and while I hate the jelly doughnuts, I love the latkes and applesauce. Gelt is also delicious (chocolate coins), especially if you buy it from See’s. This is how I prefer chocolate anyway: by itself. I’m not a fan of chocolate frosting or dipping cookies into chocolate unless they’re almond crescents, which seem to be available only in New York. Of course, I love chocolate chip cookies, but you can have those anytime and this post is about holiday yums.

What about other holidays? Meh. Valentine candy isn’t anything special you can’t get throughout the year. I’m not a big fan of hamentashen (Purim triangle cookies), and Easter candy is pretty barf except for the aforementioned PB cups (egg-shaped in this case). Passover food is hideous, and I’m not into any of the meat-grilling rituals of Memorial Day and July 4th.

That brings us to Thanksgiving, which is many people’s favorite food holiday, but I don’t like most of the traditional items, with one exception ~ stuffing! I love love love stuffing, especially if it contains mushrooms or oysters. Turkey is meh. Mashed potatoes meh. Sweet potatoes OK. Cranberry sauce ick. Etc. Then there’s pie, which is OK. I mean, of course I enjoy pie… I’m not a psychopath! But compared to Spritz cookies? No contest.


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14 responses to “Holiday Treats

  1. I love your trip down holiday food lane. Chocolate is my go to anytime.

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  2. Biscuits…..especially shortbread or viennese whirls😍😋……and as for stuffing love it….particularly with some white pudding and skirlie on my plate too 😋…..tums rumbling at the thought…..thank goodness it’s lunchtime, hope you have a sunny day too 😎

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  3. I’m ultra-simple with my stuffing preferences. Bread, very finely chopped onion and celery, and sage. Perfection.

    I’ve never tried latkes, but they seem like the second best way of consuming potatoes (the best is Afghan pakora).

    I’d never heard of Spritz cookies before. Sounds like I’m missing out.

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  4. I thought the annual chocolate pizza was your fave. [ducking]

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  5. Cookies… gingerbread… pie… PB cups…🤤💕

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  6. You’ve given me an appetite with all the food descriptions 😃😆

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  7. those cookies sound so yummy! Have never had ones like what you’ve mentioned! ❤

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