TMP16: Refunds

TMP monday peeve

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

Today’s peeve is about… you guessed it! Refunds! You know, it’s a popular sport now to bitch and moan about Bezos and his billions and the vast reaches of Amazon blah blah, but one huge thing goes in their favor and that is… guess? Right again. REFUNDS. Whenever I buy something on Amazon and want to send it back FOR ANY REASON, it is easy peasy and I get my money immediately credited back as soon as the mailing label is scanned at the post office. But other merchants? Not so much. I recently purchased 2 dresses from a company that shall remain nameless but rhymes with Badwick’s of Mosston. Before I even clicked away from their site my bank had emailed me telling me that the amount had already been charged to my card. They waste no time in TAKING my money. But the dresses were total crap and I hated them. Back they both went. WEEKS AGO. Does Badwick’s acknowledge my return yet? Ha ha no. I’ve asked them twice and am getting mighty peeved. This will be my last purchase at Badwick’s, which is too bad because I’ve been a good customer over the years, buying loads of things and rarely returning anything. Boo on them!

And I don’t want to hear about “Covid impacting operations.” Eff that. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! Amazon hasn’t used Covid as an excuse to screw around with funds.


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26 responses to “TMP16: Refunds

  1. Now Paula don’t jump on me but there is the other side to the refund story. As you say you almost never return anything and it has to be right horrible much like myself I am guessing. Than there are the people who return everything and anything. Did not read the label correctly-return it. Do not need it right now-return it. Did not like it the first time bought but thought maybe it would be better second time. It was not-returned. The cake touched the side of the box and a bit of icing came off-demand a discount. My list goes on and on and on. And those repeat offenders are always the ones that complain when prices are raised due to their stupidity. So my rant goes in the opposite direction.
    As for Amazon you are right. They are good on returns however they can make errors as well. They charged me for an item that I was in process of returning and had even contacted them on the Friday to let them know both items were in the mail in the same bag. That was a two hour rig-a-ramol but they refunded the money same day. It took me having to talk to someone who tried to customer service speak me-someone in Customer Service for 30+ years. I still love Amazon though. My total go to buy place. 🙂
    Sorry Paula I guess I have missed your Monday Pet Peeves lol and chatting with you. Have a great Monday. 🙂

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    • “The customer is always right!” If a biz doesn’t embrace this philosophy, things aren’t going to go well for them…


      • There are times though that the customer is not always right and because of this attitude it has lead to abuses. It leads to customers feeling entitled to yell and be abusive towards cashiers. That is the part I find intolerable. And I have had it happen to me. When a guy tried to return chips he bought in November in April because they were stale. He bought them in November as well

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      • That’s a good example. It would cost the store nothing to make this man happy and give him a new bag of chips. That’s Amazon’s philosophy when they let you keep cheap things you dislike and simply refund the couple bucks…


      • This man constantly does this. So while at first look it seems pennies on the dollar where do you draw the line for abuse towards that policy?

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      • Ban him from the store if he is actually abusive. Amazon probably cuts off people if they constantly lie about products and demand refunds. But for the bulk of customers, they simply process returns promptly. And no one can accuse Amazon of not being profitable!


  2. Amazon’s return and refund policy is hassle-free. You’ve got to hand it to them. They are simply the best. That’s why Amazon is my go-to source for almost anything and everything. I had a bad experience from another site that delivered something that was completely different from what I had ordered. I had placed an order for the book “Fan girl” and those idiots sent me a 10th grade geography textbook! It took me multiple calls to the customer service and over a week to get my money back.

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  3. Yes, Amazon is wonderful for issuing refunds, and sometimes they don’t even want the product back! But as for the rest like Sephora, Macy’s they all take ages. And Levi’s even deduct the postage from the refund! 🤨

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  5. Sometimes it is a complicated refund system that is the issue. I was the clerk at the counter trying to give customer service. I’d submit the refund. Then, I had to wait for someone on the other side to complete the process. Things went well if they were doing their job. I don’t know how many times I thought a refund had been done, only to discover it still hung in limbo.

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  6. Since it’s all electronic, there is NO excuse IMHO. I do have one weensy complain about Amazon though (where they do indeed use the Covid excuse). Why does it take so freakin’ long to get a portion of an order that theoretically all goes together? It’s not like the thing in question was ever in short supply, no reason for it to be either. I bought the three items in the order in mid-June with a ‘guaranteed’ delivery date of late June, early July. Still no third item. This happened last year too, but the item that never showed up and was eventually refunded (after six freakin’ months) was something that apparently was in short supply THEN. Now? Oh please. Covid as an excuse? Yeah, if the thing (in your case dresses) is made in a semi-third world country or something. But in that case usually the quality is better than what we can get here now (not always, but much of the time). My sympathies. I had a similar experience with shoddy clothing (with a whopping price tag too), had the same issues getting my money back, and when I finally did, I immediately turned that company into their Better Business Bureau. The BBB is sort of an antiquated idea these days I guess, but I still look at their reviews if I’m buying something. And I’ll avoid ‘Badwick’s” too, not that they have anything in my size to start.

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  7. I agree they are the best at refunds

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  9. My very late peeve is that I somehow got unfollowed from your blog. I didn’t notice right away cuz I’ve been in and out of WP, and figured you might be too… the horrid M and all that.
    Why does WP do such wonky things🤦🏼‍♀️

    I have noticed that as soon as I press confirm purchase or whatever, my bank is notifying me of a purchase. It takes longer at the dang grocery store. I very rarely send stuff back. It’s such a hassle. Only if it’s a lot of money and worth the hassle. They count on people like me, huh?🤦🏼‍♀️

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  10. that sucks you didnt get your money back! They were quick enough to take it! I like amazons policy on refunds also! ✨✨😍

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