FPQ125: Style

Paula faces selfie

Fandango provocatively asks…

What’s your style?

You can visit Fandango’s post for his description of what style might be, and he says to interpret the question how we wish anyway. It’s a big Q, encompassing many areas of life. I prefer to focus on my writing style because I’m getting away from most rambling personal posts, even though some people like them a lot. I find those are the posts I regret the most. And even if I delete them, that horrible Wayback Machine may have already copied them. So annoying!!!

Since my blog refresh, I’ve been focused on posting only the kind of writing I enjoy, which is mainly poetry and short fiction. I don’t reply to a lot of the questions now because they’re either boring or too personal. I do enjoy themed events, such as alphabet April and the Sunday songs, so I have continued with those. I dislike the pressure of hosting my own prompt, so now I’m only doing Monday peeves, which people can participate in or not, but I don’t always feel a need to visit and comment on each response.

As far as social media generally, my writing style can be best summed up as “whimsical.” I like to joke around and play with language. I love puns and parodies. I dislike arguing and taking stuff seriously ~ and I don’t want my social media experience to be defined by the politics of the day. I often eschew punctuation, both in my comments and texts. Unlike the writing purists, I use emojis and other images for fun effects. I do not consider social media sites to be a vault of my “real writing,” though I have included some of my better poetry in books for sale.

In those books, my writing style is more formal and serious. I don’t create my own words, and I use conventional punctuation. Some poems are an exception to this, but my romance novels and short stories are generally pretty standard. I also use standard business style at work and for my side gig.

Thanks for an interesting question, Fandango!


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17 responses to “FPQ125: Style

  1. Very well answered Paula. I like your style, the fun and the whimsy


  2. I love your green hat!

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  3. I enjoy you whimsical punny style. 😉🌻

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  4. Ah! So that explains a few things. I was one of the admirers of your ‘personal’ posts, but agree that if one gets too specific, that could be dangerous, either physically if one picks up a nasty stalker who figures out who the writer IS, or electronically as hackers and ID thieves seem to watch for personal bits of information.

    I’d noticed you weren’t ‘around’ as much, but figured you’d changed things up and decided on a more relaxed blogging approach. It must be something in the water, because Rory has done the same thin, and there seems to be a faint trend towards doing that around here in general lately. It’s all good! Interesting look at your writing style Paula!

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    • Thank you! Yes, a couple people close to me mentioned I got pretty personal in the past, including vacation info, so I’m trying to stay with the poetry and fiction, unless I can be funny with questions (answers from the cat, etc.). Still tweaking and refining!


  5. I like your smile, as it shows that you have style.

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  6. You’re very welcome, Paula. Thanks for an interesting response.

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  7. You look good in hats! 😍
    I think my writing style is the same as my clothing style… comfortable, but a hot mess😂

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  8. I love your writing style Paula! I especially love your poetry! Xx

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