rusty old car

Reality is obsolete. I rent a bunk from Nameless Corp, where I work from home doing marketing for Giant Org, which creates apps to simulate interactions. It’s a genius setup because I no longer need to deal with the frenetic pace of the physical world. I purchased a huge virtual house with my crypto earnings and have received a deluge of romantic offers from cyber influencers. Saturday, I invited the prettiest one to attend a Zoom Broadway show with me and she had such a lovely time she begged for a repeat. I ignored her plea and blocked her messages because I don’t have time for a relationship now with all the new games I downloaded from Megaplay. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize her father owns Nameless Corp and Giant Org, and I received a message this morning that yesterday was my last day working for Giant and also I had to evacuate the premises. No problem, because I am loaded, or so I thought. When I cashed out, all I got was $47 from my cyber bank, which was only enough to buy a 6-pack of fungus water and this rusty car. I couldn’t find the GPS navigation system and I think I’m somewhere in Montana. Can you come pick me up, Mom?


Written for What Do You See?
Image credit to Oziel Goméz.

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28 responses to “Montana

  1. Mmm, fungus water. Extra vitamins.

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  2. That’s an interesting story from another world. Well done.

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  3. Oh wow! What a fantastic mashup of all the prompts. I feel for your protagonist, but he should have checked the credentials of his date before cold-shouldering her. Thanks Paula for joining in with this fun story.

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  4. Wonderful. I chuckled when I read this. Great job.

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  5. Alarming cautionary tale!

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  6. Moms are great as you can always rely on them when you are in trouble.

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  7. Funny story of a millennial. I’m thinking fungus water is kombucha…

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  8. Looks like he messed up with the wrong girl! Great use of all the prompts, Paula ❤️

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  9. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Love it!


  10. Nicely done, Paula. It gave me a little chuckle!

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  11. Heehee, stranger than fiction, and reality does seem obsolete nowadays!

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  12. Wonderfully told story. Very unfortunate.

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  14. This is a masterpiece. Well atleast the protagonist has the games😂😂

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