Get a Clue

Man in sunglasses

“Let’s review,” Professor Plum said. “What is the narcissist’s most sensitive erogenous zone?”

Mrs. White tentatively raised her hand.”His bodacious mind?”

Smiling, the professor replied, “That’s a good guess, but I was going for something else. Yes, Miss Scarlet?”

“His ego!” Miss Scarlet yelled. “It may seem large due to his outward display of arrogance, but actually it is tiny and insecure, which is why he strives to keep us feeling small and off-balance.”

“Exactly so,” the professor said. “We may at first welcome his effusive compliments and love bombing, but that is merely setting us up for the fall.”

Mrs. Peacock nodded. This made a lot of sense. When her ex had been in “nice” mode, he heaped loads of praise and affection upon her, but after she got pregnant, all he did was bitch and criticize, even bringing up the painful things she’d told him about her childhood to use against her.

“The narcissist will furnish us with a golden ladder to the stars,” Professor Plum continued, “only to turn on the gaslight and pull the ladder out from under us so we crash painfully to the ground.”

“I hate him!” Miss Scarlet exclaimed.

“Me too,” Mrs. White admitted.

“He’s a creep!” Mrs. Peacock chimed in.

“Wonderful!” Professor Plum beamed at the group. “Hold onto those honest emotions. Now what should we use first to teach the narcissist a lesson?”

“Definitely the wrench,” the characters said in unison as they gleefully approached a terrified Mr. Green, who was tied up and gagged on the billiard table.


Image from Pixabay.

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  1. Very good! When I used to play Cluedo (British title) as a child, I made up motives for all the characters…

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  2. Miss Scarlett with the wrench in the billiard room…

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  3. I can see the appeal of writing fiction😂 Yes, indeed!
    Fun read😻

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  4. Colonel Mustard said, “Hot dog!”

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  5. It’s Mr Green…. Great fun 😍

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  6. A thrilling lesson, but while I was game to learn, I grew a little board.

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  7. Oh, this is just fabulous, Paula. Love it!

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  8. Fantastic story Paula

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  9. Looks like he’s going to learn a very tough lesson. Good one, Paula ❤️

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  10. I loved it too, Paula. It has been a really good day for me today reading all these stories. ❤

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  11. Thank you for the giggles, lol

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  12. This made me grin! We used to love playing Cluedo. 🙂

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  13. aguycalledbloke

    Excellent, great little twist – l used to love this game 🙂

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  14. Delicious! 👿😇

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