TMP14: Swimsuits

TMP monday peeve

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

Today’s peeve is very topical, or tropical as the case may be. I’m here to bitch about swimsuits, knowing full well I may piss people off. But honestly, when does that ever stop me? Disclaimer: I am a thin person and yet I still have issues with swimsuits. Given that I am no longer 14, I have no wish to parade around in public in a few strings and three tiny triangles. Crazy, right? It’s not that I can’t fit into bikinis, but I simply do not want to wear them. I think they look awful on most women, including me, and I am not going to change my mind to conform to PC thought. OK, so moving on, what about one-piece suits? That’s what I wear, on the rare occasion I have a need, and my 3 suits are all like 20 years old now because I can’t find new ones I like. I kinda want some new ones because of our Jacuzzis here and also I’m worried a 20 year old suit could suddenly fall apart, lol. But apparently the swimsuit designers have decided that if you are shopping for a one-piece, you either want something that is actually a bikini with a string attaching the two pieces (wtf?) or some bizarrely constructed thing with a serious bra and corset-like iron bars to squish in your tummy. I’m not fat! I don’t need tummy control! I just want a “normal” one-piece suit like what I have already, but new. However, it’s not that simple because I could find these, in the sportsy sections… but I’ve decided I want an eensy skirt attached. Why? Because I think that’s more flattering and makes me feel more comfortable. But omg if you want a suit with an eensy skirt, they think you must weigh 500 pounds (no offense to those who do) and GOD FORBID they should come in a color other than black!



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23 responses to “TMP14: Swimsuits

  1. I fit into bikinis, but I hate them, lol. I always cover up, even in a one piece. I’ve got big boobies and I am incredibly insecure.

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  2. I’m not a thin person, but I’ve had some luck with tankini tops (they’re not really tummy-compressing; I’d actually prefer more tummy-compression myself!) and swim shorts. I really like the swim shorts because I feel like they give a little more butt coverage and they’re nice for something like kayaking so I don’t feel like I need to put on shorts over my suit. I haven’t seen any swim skirt bottoms as separates or on a one piece.

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  3. Hahaha…here I have almost the opposite issue 😆 I’m not a big fan of the nude either but I find only one normal piece ☺️

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  4. I have two bathing suits, well maybe they should be called swimming trunks and they are both 15 years old now. I spent hours searching online foe some new ones and I couldn’t find any that appealed to me, hey maybe I am too fussy. It should be much easier for a guy to find a bathing suit than a girl, but apparently you can’t always get what you want and it is also difficult to get what you need.

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  5. I like tankinis. You can keep the jiggly bits tucked in (which I prefer for myself), but it’s not a massive production to go to the bathroom like with a one-piece. But trying to find a tankini that’s actually a tankini, rather than pretending to be a bikini, is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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  6. with you! I have managed to find two pieces where the bottoms are shorts and top like a sports bra. but very difficult to find.

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  8. Suggestion? And I know a lot of women (men, whoever) don’t like shopping by catalog or online, but Blair is one company I’ve found to have quality clothing and it’s not priced so far out of site that you’d have to sell a child to buy something either. It does cater to the ‘larger’ woman, but it also has what I call “normal’ sizes (apologies to my sisters in the X categories).

    I could never find a swimsuit that was suitable for my modesty level. If the top covered my bosom and didn’t let the girls potentially bounce out at a crucial moment, then the leg cut was up to my hoo haw danged near. One would have to get a Brazilian (not simply Bikini) wax to wear the damned thing.

    Because I’m a X girl (plus size), the patterns and colors were hideous. Or there was black. Yeah. Then I looked in the Blair Summer Catalog and found a wide variety of suits (in my size too), of modestly cut one pieces, tankinis (my preference with boy shorts (again my preference) or ones with the skirt on them. Pretty patterns and colors too. I could get fuschia if I wanted to.

    I’m not saying they’ll be for you, but they might have something more acceptable? I hope it works out! Here’s my peeve, which oddly enough has to do with water too, but in a vastly different way:

    TMP at the last moment 6-28-2021

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  9. The best swimsuit I ever bought was a black one piece diving suit. All stayed where it was supposed to and comfy straps that stayed put. The only problem I had with it was wearing it to a water park. I went down a slide and it was so slippery I had no control as it was Lycra.😂

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  13. Oh boy! I hear ya! I havent bought a new swim suit in forever! I wish I could! ❤

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