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So weird to realize that half of 2021 will be over in a few days! Life is sure whizzing by like a roller coaster, and speaking of that, Melanie has some new questions for us…

What do you think of the idea of the ‘greater good’ principle?

Mostly meh. As John said, who decides? My favorite is when the PTB tell us little people to inconvenience ourselves for “the common good,” but then they still travel by private plane and lavishly water their lush gardens. Some dopey billionaires are now racing to be the first in space travel… how many resources will that use up? But I’m supposed to take only a 3-minute shower. Eff that!

Do you enjoy riding a roller coaster or other amusement park type ride?

No, I hate them all because of my chronic owies and also they’re terribly unsafe. Every year, there are serious accidents from theme park rides, and the parks go to great lengths to cover that up, but sometimes the news sneaks through.

Which musical instrument is the most annoying to you personally?

I like them all unless they’re blazingly loud. I don’t mind the ones others hate, such as bagpipes or accordions… long as the volume is reasonable.

Would you rather have a vivid imagination or a photographic memory if you had to choose just one?

I had an moderately accurate eidetic memory when I was young ~ it’s how I smashed every test that required memorization. All I had to do was recall the page of the book or notes the text was written on and I could “see” the answer. I still have a good memory for names and numbers, but it’s not what it was and I miss that. Since I already have a vivid imagination, I’ll take my eidetic (photographic) memory back please.

Feel free to share fun plans for this season that you might have.   Especially now that many places are lifting restrictions and travel is a bit easier.

I recently rejoined Meetup, attended a fun lunch, and have several more events scheduled. These aren’t board game related groups like I belonged to in the past, but simply conversation and noms. I’ll be traveling to San Diego by train in a few weeks with a group for the day, and I’m really looking forward to that!


Image from Melanie.

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10 responses to “Last June Share

  1. Enjoy your train trip Paula. Nicely answered

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  2. PTB. Had to think about that for a second before I figured it out (based upon context).

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  3. I remember my high school biology teacher thought I had a photographic memory because I did well on tests. I’m not very visual, though; I studied by organizing information, and I remembered my organization system.

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  4. Thanks Paula for Sharing Your World! Okay, eddicate this old woman here. What the heck is PTB? I tried to Google it and came up with (first) Pulmonary Tuberculosis (I knew that wasn’t it), Wiki said it was some enzyme chain, and ‘text speak’ said it was “please text back”. Enlighten. Please! 😉 Great answers to all the questions though, and I agree with the greater good answer very much! That train trip sounds AMAZING, but stay safe! Fandango enlightened me about a new COVID strain that is more virulent than the old one. Aw dang! I’m sure nothing will happen, just be careful. I’d certainly go on such a trip if there were trains that ran from here (we have a depot (which is for tourists), and trains run THROUGH our town, but the hub is south of us. I love trains. Have a great time!

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