Blurry [repost]


This is one of my early cell phone camera photos, taken with my Moto. I loved that phone because it was so easy to deal with. It had internet access, but I couldn’t do too much internet on it, or it would get overwhelmed and shut down. That was fine though. There was certainly enough time to stalk people and rabbit-hole down links from my laptop at home; I didn’t need to be doing that when I was out and about. But I can now with my Samsung Galaxy 5. Great.

The G5 also takes much better photos. Well, sort of. If I get everything right, then I end up with a perfect photo. But since I don’t understand 90% of the features, and can’t be bothered trying to figure them out because there are people to stalk, links to follow into rabbit holes, books to read, poems to write, socks to alphabetize, etc., I end up clicking away stupidly and getting pretty much the same variable quality photos as before on the Moto. Lots of blurry kitty faces half-turned away, basically.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m much happier with the Samsung now and wouldn’t go back. Once you have more technology you don’t want to settle for less. I have multiple ways to get in touch with my kids, for one thing. Actually, that’s the main thing.

But this pic is still a fave. I like the colors and the composition; it reminds me of the hectic pace here in SoCal. Most of us are not “laid-back” as people elsewhere think we are, lazing around on beaches, not working, chilled out. We are forever rushing somewhere, usually in our cars, and totes stressed. I used this pic as the cover photo for Gatsby’s Facebook page. Because of course I have a page for my cat.

[2021 Update: I now have an iPhone SE and have deleted my cat’s FB page. He got tired of those phony friend requests from Russian Blues.]


The Daily Prompt: Blur.
Image is mine.

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17 responses to “Blurry [repost]

  1. Samsung must be happy….

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  2. I remember playing Snake on my old Nokia…

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  3. That’s a magical picture! 😊

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  4. Ugh! Those phoney (hah! Phone-y) Russian Blues… they’re as snooty as those Siamese cats.

    I’d add to your update that people in SoCal are more stressed than ever. The only people relaxing on the beach are tourists.

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  5. I have lots of similar photos

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  6. Lol! Gatsby is discerning cat.

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  7. The cellphone, as an instrument of the masses, is turning us into an army of robots. I know this because I myself compute.


    — Catxman

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  8. That’s a great photo. Maybe you’ll get a coupon from Samsung 😉
    How the technology has changed and how it keeps changing. Phones can literally be a substitute for computers now.

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