Handle With Care

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Touch me in the morning, she said, and then just walk away. But when I touched her that morning, she said whose hands are these? She wanted a lover with a slow hand, and also a hand to rock the cradle, but she accused me of handing her a line. Keep your hands to yourself, she yelled. That was too hard to handle, so I skedaddled out of there with one hand in my pocket and the other in the hand of the man who stilled the water. Then I applied for a job as a handyman, but they fired me when I showed up with a drink in my hand. Now I’ve got too much time on my hands…

Dedicated to Neil Diamond.

Image from Pexels.
Written for Jim’s Thursday Inspiration.

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6 responses to “Handle With Care

  1. I love your post Paula with all the subtle songs that you fit in so perfectly. Touch me in the morning Diana Ross, a lover with a slow hand The Pointer Sisters, a hand to rock the cradle Glen Campbell, keep your hands to yourself, Georgia Satellites, hard to handle Otis Redding, hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water Ocean, drink in my hand Eric Church and too much time on my hands Styx.

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  2. Well done!! I love it🎶💃🏼😍

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