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Happy Summer! Melanie has some sunny new questions to start off the season…

What’s one question you wish more people asked you?

Would you like your $25 million dollar prize in a lump sum or installments?

Do you like eggs?  What’s your favorite way to have them served? (Optional obviously, I know there are egg dislikers in the crowd)

I love eggs. I had fabulous poached eggs atop my avocado toast at brunch this weekend. Yes, she orders avo toast and owns a home too! Don’t hate. I also like scrambled eggs and sunny side up, but poached is my favorite.

Thoughts on scary movies?  (not horror necessarily, but suspense or action/thrillers)

It all depends on the movie, but in general I don’t like most horror, The Shining excepted. Suspense is great, especially psychological suspense. Normally I don’t go for action movies, but I do enjoy 007 and mob flicks. If it’s all car chases and shooting, meh. Mysteries, dramas, and non-stupid comedies are my jam, but note that most comedy is in fact stupid. Romcoms are a fave, if they aren’t awful, which most are.

Do you believe in Karma?

Yes, I do believe in karma, but not the woo woo reincarnation kind. I believe that, in general, you will suffer in some meaningful way in this life for any pain and distress you deliberately cause. I have seen it in action many times and I believe it it applies to myself as well, though I’m not going to elaborate on that. I’ve also seen others suffer as they deserve. This isn’t to say it always works perfectly, or is visible to others, nor does it mean that innocent people won’t suffer pain. But more often than not, putting pain out there comes back to you.

This isn’t because of gods or angels or demons or anything that contradicts our physical laws of nature. Put simply, it just means that if you act like an asshole, eventually you will get punched in the face.

This is a big reason most of us enjoy fictional books and movies, isn’t it? We like to see the good guys win and the bad guys fail in a short span of time. Very satisfying.


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22 responses to “Karma Chameleon [syw]

  1. I have never actually punched an asshole in the face, as I am a nonviolent type, but I wanted to do that many times.

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  2. I did NOT need that earworm! Otherwise, enjoyed your answers – especially the one on karma…(let’s all sing now…)

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  3. I don’t watch scary movies. I startle too easily and scream, jump out of my chair, that kind of thing.

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  4. “Karma” can be good too. I’ve personally experienced unexpected, and much needed, good things. I like to think its because of the small kindnesses I do🤷🏼‍♀️
    It would be nice to see the jerks get what they give.

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  5. I like your first answer the best. I would like my $ 25 million lump sum

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  6. I loved your answer to the first question. And like you, I believe in karma too

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  7. “…if you act like an asshole, eventually you will get punched in the face.”


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  8. I liked all your answers. So glad to see someone with a similar movie taste to mine. I thought I’ve been alone in the world all this while 🤷‍♀️ YES! ROMCOMS ARE GOOD UNLESS THEY’RE THE AWFUL KIND. COMEDY IS GREAT BUT MANY OF THE TIMES, IT’S STUPID!

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  9. I love poached eggs and hate avocado (and by extension, avocado toast). Non-home-owning millennial here. Gotta blame that on something else.

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  10. Thanks, Paula for Sharing Your World. I have a question, indirectly related to your answers today. What, exactly is ‘avocado toast?” I love avocados, I love toast (as long as it’s good bread involved), so I think that’s a culinary miracle I’ve missed out on somehow! Do enlighten please! I too believe in karma, and yes if you piss off enough people, you’ll eventually piss off the one who has a hair trigger temper and doesn’t mind assault charges. Lesson to learn? Don’t be an asshole. LOL Thanks again and have a fantastic week!