Blame It On Fandango!

Smallcakes cupcakes

My smile for this week is due to our very own blogger Fandango. He mentioned a cupcakery named Smallcakes up near where he lives in NorCal. Naturally I visited their website to view their yummies. And omg surprise! They have a store RIGHT HERE TOO! I had no idea… despite the fact that the cupcakery is in the SAME PLAZA in Huntington Beach (technically Westminster) where I often do grocery shopping! Well, it is a large plaza, and I normally go in the second entrance, which is closer to the grocery store, but Smallcakes is near the first entrance. Anyway…

I visited Saturday afternoon and bought two (2) cupcakes. It was hard to decide because they were all so pretty and elegantly displayed. Lemon drop was a no-brainer because I love lemon desserts, but I debated for a while before choosing the strawberry. It was tough, since they had a gorgeous birthday sprinkle treat, red velvet, salted caramel (with an adorable pretzel stick), etc. But I was very pleased with my choices.

I nommed up the lemon cupcake Saturday night. The cake was very light and fluffy with only the faintest hint of lemon, if any really. That’s OK. I don’t mind plain cake. In the middle however was the lemon “drop” aka a little blob of lemon filling that started as deco on the frosting and extended down into the cake. How did they do that? Magic, I guess. It added a nice element of yum to the cupcake. The frosting was scrumptious… rich and thick, sweet and buttercreamy, very lemony.

Sunday morning I ate the strawberry cupcake for breakfast. This time though the cake itself was full of flavor, very pink and strawberry-y. It was just as light and fluffy as the lemon cake too. The frosting was incredibly delicious, full of flavor and creaminess. Generally, I enjoy a cupcake the second day more. Don’t know why. I think that one day of “staleness” does something interesting to the texture of the frosting. In any case, I HIGHLY recommend Smallcakes, especially the strawberry cupcake.

Thanks, Fandango!


Image is mine.

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16 responses to “Blame It On Fandango!

  1. Fandango really is a great guy.

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  2. They do n look yummy

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  3. They look delicious!

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  4. Just stop it! Your description of the cupcakes is making me drool! They look sooo good! 🙂

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  5. Yours is the furthest south. I’ll have to remember for the next time I go north. Shoot… and Younger was just up in OC on Saturday.

    I love lemon too! I totally want a lemon bar now🤤

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  6. Oh Paula, you are so very welcome. I’m happy that you found a place near you and that you enjoyed them. That said, I take no responsibility for any weight you might gain now that you have discovered Small Cakes. 😉

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  8. Ouch – those calories are hurting!!! 🤣

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