SLS: Goodbye Cruel World

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Jim’s prompt today gave me lots of ideas for songs! So many came to mind that I couldn’t decide and procrastinated. Then I figured that others would choose the more widely known tunes, such as “Cruel To Be Kind,” “Don’t Be Cruel,” and “Cruel Summer.” I googled a bit and found this absolute GEM by James Darren called “Goodbye Cruel World.” Maybe some of you know it (I’m not going to use the term “super oldie” again, lol). I suggest that everyone listen because not only is it a cute song, but also there are loads of pics of James in the video. Mmm…

The song was written by Gloria Shayne Regney and had several covers, but James’ 1961 version is the most famous (not that I ever heard of it before my search). It’s a humorous take on feeling brokenhearted with fun circus music accompanying the tune. This was Darren’s first top ten hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 (peaking at #3), as well as the biggest hit of his musical career. He had lots of success on the screen as well, notably in the Gidget movies and the TV series T.J. Hooker. Want to feel old? James Darren just turned 85.

Goodbye Cruel World (click to listen on YouTube)

Oh, goodbye, cruel world
I’m off to join the circus
I’m gonna be a broken-hearted clown
Paint my face with a good-for-nothin’ smile
‘Cause a mean, fickle woman
Turned my whole world upside-down


Image from Pixabay.

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15 responses to “SLS: Goodbye Cruel World

  1. Boy, that is a Super Oldie. One of those songs I never would have remembered if not for being reminded, but I remember it well. The circus calliope music, that has to go all the way back to Saturday morning cartoons, (wa-aaaay ba-aaack) since I don’t think I ever heard actual music at an actual circus in my life.

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  2. Super-oldie here – and as soon as I saw the song title it started playing in my head – remembered the whole first verse but didn’t remember the singer’s name. Now that you mention him I can see his face in my mind’s eye – didn’t he do some movie or other with Pamela Tiffin? (Yup, super-super oldie here)

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  3. Gloria Shayne Baker also wrote the well-known Christmas carol “Do You Hear What I Hear? James Darren was also on The Donna Reed Show, The Time Tunnel, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

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  4. I totally forgot about this song. Excellent choice, Paula!

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  5. I had a friend who always threatened to go into the seminary, so we would sing “Goodbye Cruel World, I’m off to join the priesthood…”

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  6. A new one for me.🎶💃🏼
    I skipped over the same songs for the same reasons😆

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  7. First time hearing this Paula. It is catchy ☺️

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  8. I guess I’m a super oldie, albeit not as old as Darren! At least one of my older cousins had a crush on him and his Philly “rival,” Frankie Avalon. They were in all the teen mags at the time. I never watched TJ Hooker, but I loved another show he was in: “Time Tunnel.”

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