Security Lapses

texting phones hands

“Oh crap, did you see this notification, Wes? There’s been another data breach!”

“Yep. Wendy, it’s now become hopeless to try to protect ourselves from these hackers and scammers.”

“It seems the trend is to use the eye scan instead of traditional passwords.”

“They can copy our eyeballs now, so I’m not going to transition to that method.”

“Is that why I was asked to upload seven photos of my face to Scans R Us?”

“Oh Wendy, get a clue! That’s a known fraud site! I can’t believe you fell for it.”

“Well, geez. At least I didn’t give my bank info to a hot cam girl, like some people did, Wes.”

“That’s different. She needed to pay her phone bill.”


Image from Pexels.

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26 responses to “Security Lapses

  1. What a crazy world it is.

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  2. Never Say Never Again 🤣

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  3. lol — a charming yet frightening take on life in the modern age. 🙂

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  4. Yep this sounds pretty accurate for today’s world.

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  5. Haha! So good Paula.

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  6. Yep. Good one.

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  7. Retinal scans might be the future! Great take, Paula

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  8. Fabulous Paula. I really love this.

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  9. Nice one, Paula! I’ve a bad feeling this may all be coming true.

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  11. Fantastic!, thanks for sharing

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