Sam’s Cupcakes, Part 1 [repost]


[Please note that this was written in 2013 and things could have changed.]

It may surprise you (or not) to learn that Sam’s Club has gourmet cupcakes. This package is 4 for $4.98, which is obviously a Good Deal.

The first cupcake I tried was the carrot, which had light fluffy cake, very tasty, though it could have used a tad more flavor. But the cream cheese frosting was excellent ~ if I were still doing my cupcake table, I’d give it a 10. There was a generous amount and it was soooo full of buttercream nom. Didn’t need the nuts, but they added to the curb appeal. And look at the adorable carrot!


Next I tried the coconut. As my long-time readers know, I love this flavor and am inclined to nudge it up in the ratings just because. But I’d give the Sam’s coconut a 7 in every category. The cake (again) was pleasantly light and fluffy, but a bit bland. The frosting, while nicely piled up with coconut, was not buttercream, but whipped vanilla, and had a slightly odd aftertaste. Plus. I didn’t think this cupcake was that pretty compared to the others in the package. Surely there could have been a bit of deco to break up the massive snowball effect? Well, judge for yourselves.


Gatsby makes a ruling.


OK then. Watch for my review of the other two Sam’s cupcakes coming soon!


Images are mine.

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14 responses to “Sam’s Cupcakes, Part 1 [repost]

  1. The red velvet looks nice. I don’t have a Sam’s membership but I go to Costco and I’ve always heard their baked goods are yummy.Haven’t tried them myself though. I just never have a need for that big a cake, you know?


  2. Are you telling me you haven’t eaten the other two yet? What the hell’s the matter with you, woman? What are you waiting for, a flunkey with a silver salver?


  3. Hey Paula-

    I’ll be in LA for 2 weeks starting 3/25.  I’ve enjoyed your blog and have made a feeble attempt to start one myself on the same site.  However, being technically challenged in so many ways, I fear it will never be as attractive as yours unless I get some OJT from a pro such as yourself.  Would you be willing and available to let me look over your shoulder as you work?  Of course, I’d also love to see you and catch up at the same time.  If you’re game, respond thru email or fb or linkedin I guess, or you could just call me sometime.  Cell # is 714-875-8457.

    Sue Frederick


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  5. Cupcakes are really the most perfect food EVER.

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  6. I don’t shop there anymore since my kitchen has dwindled down to only cooking for two, but you’re right about gourmet foods, their cheese selection is good too

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  7. I could eat that one with the carrot on top right off my computer screen!

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  8. We have a place in the town in which we live called Small Cakes and their cupcakes are outstanding.

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