Regarding Audiobooks…

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Today Frank asks us how we feel about audiobooks, specifically if they count as “actually reading” in our minds. Of course, if you can’t see to read, they do, but what about the rest of us? For me, it’s not so much as they don’t count, but that I have no interest in them. Well, it’s really more than that. I actively dislike listening to another person read to me. It’s a form of torture to have to listen to some voice drone on and on and on while I’m supposed to remember what they say. Like those horrible lecture halls back in school where I’d have to doodle to stay awake. This is probably why I don’t go to poetry readings, even though I love poetry. You know what I love about poetry? READING THE WORDS ON THE PAGE. Sometimes, if they really grab me, I might read them aloud to myself. But I don’t want to hear someone else read, even if he has the most gorgeous British accent in the world. And sorry this does include any audio files you’ve put on your blog of poetry readings. I include myself in this too, by the way ~ I don’t want to read my work aloud to anyone.

There is no way I’d be able to concentrate on someone reading a book to me. If I were driving, I wouldn’t be able to focus on the words. That’s why music is perfect for driving… it flows over you effortlessly. If I were lying down, I’d fall asleep to someone reading. If I were alert at home, I’d start doing something else while the reading progressed because I can’t just SIT there, listening, with nothing to do or watch. And then I’d miss half the story due to lack of concentration. Again, in school, I had a huge problem paying attention while teachers droned on. I was fabulous at memorizing what was in the textbooks, which usually was enough to get great grades without paying much attention to their jabbering.

In my opinion, there’s too much noise in the world already, bombarding me every moment of the day. Yes, I did miss some human interaction during lockdown, but now already there’s too much noise again. Traffic, talking, hold music everywhere, announcements in stores, machinery, fans, things dinging and buzzing, freaking BIRDS, and my cat who needs to proclaim his philosophical ideas at 3AM. Ugh.

That said, I made two audiobooks, at a friend’s urging, because “people like them.” That was a horrible experience! Nothing against the two wonderful women who volunteered to read them for no money (sometimes actresses like to have them in their resumes and will do short ones for you) ~ they actually turned out beautifully. That is, if you want to listen to someone yak in your ear. WHICH I DO NOT (if you missed that so far). But the point is, these short books took forever to make because I had to listen to the audio files the volunteers uploaded. A book that takes you a half hour to read could take 3 hours (or more) to “proofread.” If there was even one minor mistake in a file, the reader had to record it again, and I had to listen to it again (not the whole book, but a segment). Naturally, because we’re talking about poetry, people are as uninterested in buying those audiobooks as they are my regular Kindle books. It helped my sales not one bit. In fact, I have made NOTHING because they won’t pay unless you hit $25, which I have not.



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17 responses to “Regarding Audiobooks…

  1. My daughter does a lot of waiting at practices etc and uses them.  I don’t like the voices used.

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  2. I can’t concentrate on audiobooks either, and they just don’t appeal to me.

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  3. I don’t like audio books either. As you said it’s difficult to keep track of the story and sometimes the narrator just irks you by the way they read the story.

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  4. Sometimes hearing poetry read aloud can be an interesting experience. I remember one of my teachers in grammar school had a few records of Robert Frost reading his poetry, and it seemed to make more sense that way.

    I think the only way to experience Shakespeare is to see it onstage, or hear it read by people who know what they’re reading. That’s true of most plays, but his in particular.

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  5. I don’t like audiobooks or podcasts either. I just can’t tolerate listening for that long. Fascinating to hear about your experience recording an audiobook

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  6. I have never listened to an audiobook, but what I don’t think that I would like about it is if I had to rewind it to understand a certain part, where with a real book, it would be much easier to flip back a few pages and reread it again at my own pace.

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  7. How about making an audio book of your cat’s philosophical thoughts??
    That would be something I’m sure 🙂

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  8. Not all books are good for listening to, but I do like audio books as company while suntanning, cooking, knitting, folding laundry. I like being read to. Reminds me of childhood. It’s not much different from listening to podcasts, if you’re into that. But do listen to the preview. M
    Not every voice will appeal.

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