TMP12: Search Results

TMP monday peeve

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

Today I’m here to crab about search results, whether Google, Bing, Amazon, or what have you. It’s so annoying to try to find something specific and end up with a zillion irrelevant results. This often happens when I’m looking up songs that have a certain word in the lyrics. It also happens when I’m shopping and want only the thing I search on, like say a blue skirt… don’t show me every other blue thing or non-blue skirts or potato peelers (WTF?). They’ll say well some other person who searched for blue skirts ALSO bought a potato peeler, so we thought you might like one too. I know these marketers believe they can’t go wrong by shoving as many things in your face as possible, but in fact that is wrong. I’m only one person, but I frequently get annoyed enough to leave the site without spending money, which can’t possibly be their goal. Since I’m not unique, I bet others also exit in disgust.

These sites should take a hint from WordPress, who make it damn difficult to find anything you’ve posted before or media you’ve uploaded. If you don’t put the exact word, forget it! And even then, half the time the search freezes and you have to refresh and begin again. Of course, that’s because WP want you to reupload media so you’ll use up your storage and have to purchase more. And I’m beginning to think that the photo apps are doing the same thing when they kindly stylize my photos and offer me various arrangements. I noticed today that many of my photos have been saved several times, GRRRR!

This is like three peeves in one. Must be your lucky day!


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24 responses to “TMP12: Search Results

  1. When I search on Amazon I wish that they had a filter so that when searching an author (such as GRRM) you can filter out all the non-english books. I am not multilingual and can read enough French that I can kinda guess at what is being said. Or when you input an author name and 12 other authors appear in the search results.
    Have an awesome Monday Paula! 🙂

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  2. Haha! Spot on Paula! It is getting difficult to find what want like the way it used to be.

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  3. Seems like Google must be very motivated to find hits for you so you can see the ads. As a test I googled “table saw” and as you would imagine I had to scroll way, way, way down to get out of the ads. Next I tried “fish stilts” and got over a million hits. Really There are people called “stilt fishermen.” I did not know that. “Mouse megaphone” was a veritable goldmine, and Google apparently deemed it appropriate to place ads for Target and Walmart I guess just in case, you know.
    Airplane jello garnered a fairly benign short list–finally–though I did see a link with the excerpt: “Find great deals on eBay for jello airplanes.” which is sort of the Internet equivalent of you calling the grocery store and asking if they have tractor tires, and the person on their end says, oh yeah, we have some great deals on tractor tires. Come on down!

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  4. Amazon should stop thinking as nobody goes on the internet to buy a potato peeler.

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  5. That WP search freezing thing is annoying. It doesn’t happen quite often enough that I’ve been able to figure out any pattern to it.

    I use quotation marks a lot to narrow down my searches. Boolean operators can also help.

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    • I agree mastering the Boolean operators is very helpful–one of the good things about Google. I wish search features of other web sites would get with that program. I accept that ads are part of the transaction, and can hardly complain, but I get impatient with results that have been placed on the top of the list by deceptive means to get around the algorithms.

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  6. I could have written this—my thoughts exactly!  I detest online shopping and trying to delete photos after you’ve sized them is not easy.  Looking, I’ve found four or five of the same thing but does the edit let you delete them?  Not easily!

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  7. I hate it when it suggests completely unrelated stuff under the “customers also bought” category. And searching for something and ending up with a million results for anything other than that you searched for can be frustrating indeed!

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  8. An old trick I was taught to find ‘exact’ words was to add a + between the words I’m searching for… Like blue+skirt. Might help, but the last time I tried my old trick to search up a lyric, it didn’t help at all. It’s the idiots who are doing the programming in my opinion, who make up the code that makes the search engine run. They don’t think like we who are older do, so what’s the chance they’ll be able to write code that gives us satisfaction? I went out in search of a frosty beverage the other day, and because the computers had crashed at that particular fast food joint, they had to close for business. The dweeb doing the order taking couldn’t function without a computer telling him what to do. Oh my gawd!

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  10. Lol! I hate the others who bought this also bought, I dont care! Lol!

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  13. Nothing to do with search engines, but the heat is on.

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