Strange Headlines Tonight…

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Watch: Detroit Tigers Pitcher Vomits While On The Mound
Um… no thanks. I might still want to eat dinner. WTF?

What Kind Of Quake Prepper Are You?
The kind that doesn’t prep. Next!

Flight Diverted After Off-Duty Flight Attendant Becomes Unruly
What? Now we have to worry about this? I just booked a flight for Thanksgiving week.

Whale Takes One Bite, Sends Man Back To Kitchen
People do say we’re living in Biblical times, so…

The Difference Between Waterproof And Water-Resistant
Let me guess ~ this has something to do with the definition of words.

What Exactly Does Instantaneous Mean?
Again with the words. Do the headline writers know we can access

How To Rid Your Car Of Spiders, Mice, Ants, And Other Pests
Wait, people have MICE running around in their cars? This may help explain some of the terrible driving I’ve seen.

Explore This Abandoned Clown House In The Catskill Mountains
Sure. This is how every horror novel begins. Hey guys, let’s go explore that abandoned clown house! But isn’t it kind of scary? Nah, don’t be a chicken. OK…


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18 responses to “Strange Headlines Tonight…

  1. I had a mouse living in my gas grill and it scared the crap out of me.

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  2. 😂
    Its so sad 🤣

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  3. lol! Love these. Thanks for sharing

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  4. haha these are funny – well, your comments about them make them funny! My daughter found a squirrel nest in the engine place in her car one time, complete with nuts. 🙂

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  5. Apparently mice in cars are a thing. As are possums.

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  6. Loved the headlines you made me giggle so much. I have seen the one about the guy in the whale’s mouth. But watching someone throw up ick!

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  7. These headlines are hilarious. The whale one is funny. It’s as if the whale is going to complain to the chef!

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  8. Lol! I love reading headlines, the stranger the better! 😛

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