Donuts and Covid [repost]


I have to get a Covid test
At the clinic by the donut shop.
It’s making me feel absurdly stressed.

Not the donuts—they’re the best,
But I won’t be able to make a stop
After I get my Covid test.

I’ll just go home and read and rest,
Not expose peeps to what I’ve got.
Donuts would help to ease my stress.

I probably don’t have the thing—I guess.
But better to know for sure than not.
That’s why I’m getting a Covid test.

I feel a heaviness in my chest
Since I found out I might have caught
The thing that’s making me feel this stress.

No donuts for me—now I’m depressed,
Just thinking ‘bout that glaze on top…
I have to get a Covid test;
It’s making me feel absurdly stressed.


Poetry form: villanelle.
Image source unknown.

©️2021 Paula Light and Light Motifs II. No unauthorized use permitted. Please check out Paula’s books for sale on Amazon. Thank you.

32 responses to “Donuts and Covid [repost]

  1. Cute poem and I hope you feel better.

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  2. Perhaps this is enough of a thing with the testing and the donuts that they’ll bring out the donut with the glaze on top, plunk it on top of the car, you open the window, grab it before an errant seagull does…. there’s got to be a system!

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  3. I hope the results come in negative and soon. Then you can go and buy your 🍩

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  4. Hope all turns out okay & you get your donut soon! Good way of saying it all in you poem. 🙂

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  5. Hope the result go well. Good poem.


  6. Love this poem and sympathize re the donuts. You are a good person to not expose others. I think when you get a negative result you should go back and get a bunch of your donut favs.

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  7. Love your poem! Fun!!!! I love doughnuts!!!!! 💙

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  8. So sorry! May all be well!

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  9. Good luck on your test. Reward your negative test with donuts of your choice.

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  10. Summing up 2020 in 2021. May all your tests be negative and your stress positive. 🤗

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  11. Great Poem. I love Keera’s quote above too ^ that could be a poster slogan. Lol. KL ❤

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  12. Does the donut shop offer contactless pickup or delivery at least? Your COVID-test / Donut quest is stressing me out – and I don’t even like donuts! Love this poem though

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  13. I like the poem! And I hope you’re OK.

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  14. I hope the test results came back negative. I hope that the donut place delivers. Take care

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  15. Ha! The Villanelle format (which I just learned) lends itself well to the tedium combined with tension of awaiting test results. And this, a seemingly harmless sentence resting in the middle of Wikipedia’s article on the form: “The villanelle has been noted as a form that frequently treats the subject of obsessions” which tickled me.
    I never got a test. The whole thing pre-Jan20 was one giant loony tune.
    I feel like we’ve all been tested and I hope we all passed.

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