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Fandango’s provocative question today flings me into the dreaded realm of Overthink. Basically, I can’t come up with three wishes without going down the rabbit hole into Crazyland. Read at your own risk…

It seems like a no-brainer: just wish for good health and happiness for my family, right? But would that include my daughters, their husbands, and my grands, or would I need separate wishes for each person? And what if good health and happiness are distinct in Wishingville? Then I’d need 12 wishes… 6 happies and 6 healthies. And what if there are more grands eventually…

But how about my own health? I’d like to be free from chronic pain. Yet what if this pain actually protects me from something worse, like resuming dating? One of the reasons I’ve stopped (besides the whole thing being horrible) is because I’m in too much pain to be fun anymore. Maybe my pain is a blessing. I still have a nice life filled with my wonderful family and good friends, and I’m able to work, read, and write (knock wood), but being intimate with someone? Ugh, forget it. Plus, I often have issues with doing normal stuff like walking a few miles.

What about wishing for a f*ckton of money? That sounds like a good idea, and it would solve other problems too, plus enable me to help peeps, but I have to think about those stories where money either comes from a tragedy or results in one. It’s too scary to be greedy. Best to be satisfied with what I already have.

Going back in time to change things we regret doing or failing to do or even to say something different to someone is too fraught with issues as we have seen many times in science fiction, so I can’t get aboard that train of thought.

How about stepping outside my selfish bubble and wishing for something that benefits the entire world? Well geez, so many possibilities! Eliminating cancer is a popular wish. But at what hidden price? This seems like the start of a horror novel. A scientist finds the cure because of my wish, but the side effect is that survivors turn into cannibals or something.

But peace on earth seems safe enough. No more wars, no more fighting, just everyone blissfully sharing everything and having babies until we run out of space. And then what? I know! For my second wish, I could wish for a second earth so half of these happy non-warring earthlings could go there. And maybe my third wish should be one more earth, just in case. Idk where they would exist though, in order to be exactly like this earth, but surely there’s enough room in all the vastness for three earths to get the same amount of sun, etc.

But those aren’t really fun wishes. They’re noble, but meh. It’s more enjoyable to contemplate the selfish scenarios. How about three small wishes to generate immediate pleasure for ME without disrupting the fabric of the universe? Like how about giving me more painting talent? Surely that wouldn’t require taking something from another person or place. For my other two, one each to my daughters for optimal health. There, done.

The great thing about wishing & hoping & dreaming & praying is that it accomplishes nothing. Oh sure, maybe you feel good while engaging in one or more of these activities, but they have no effect whatsoever on actual events. Feel free to disagree, but no one can prove that praying causes anything, else my mother would still be alive. But that’s OK. We like to believe that our intense emotions get “out there,” somehow, and are powerful enough to have a physical effect. And maybe it’s good in some cases that people pray as opposed to taking action. Like isn’t it better for a rejected lover to wish and hope and dream than to go out and stalk the object of their desire like a deranged maniac?

That’s what the men in the white coats try to tell me anyway…


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23 responses to “Wishing & Hoping

  1. good song choice Paula!

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  2. You put a lot of thought into this post Paula and it came out great.

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  3. I’m not much of a wisher, but I’ll take that over the deranged maniac.


  4. It’s a complicated issue! I agree with your musings.

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  5. I had never really pondered upon the consequences of such wishes. This was a really thought-provoking post, Paula.

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  6. I usually don’t write a response to my own provocative question posts, but if I did, my response would probably be similar to what you wrote in this post. Thanks for taking the time, Paula, for giving this so much thought.

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  7. Very interesting! You made some good observations. They say Lotto winners, when interviewed years later, generally are less happy. Perhaps for the first wish, you should wish for wisdom to make two more good, proper wishes.
    I can only think of two good wishes anyway. Health, and money. I figure happiness is totally up to me in order to mean anything. For the money part, maybe just a checking account with a debit card, and the characteristic of always having an endless balance of $37.18 PLUS the cost of whatever it is I’m buying. Just to help keep me out of trouble.
    For the third wish, I guess I might have one: I would not ask to be the best guitar player in the world, but maybe to always be the best guitar player in the room. Hopefully that would not result in Tommy Emmanuel suddenly disappearing from the stage the moment I walked into the auditorium.

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    • I like wishing for the wisdom to make good wishes!


      • Maybe just put the wishes in your pocket, so to speak. Proceed as normal, but knowing you had the three wishes might give you the freedom from fear to let you accomplish all your wishes on your own. Literature is full of stories where free, un-earned wishes result in some perverse tragedy, (Monkey’s Paw) and of stories where personal effort pays off. Wishes and prayers–hope–are such fundamental universal human endeavors. Probably the engine of romance novels!

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  8. I love your post Paula! 3 earths? Lol! Now that’d be fun!

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  9. I just wish for joy for everyone and let the universe work out the details. I wish you joy, Paula!

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