5 Food Fads

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This week Dr. Tanya asks about 5 food fads we hate. I’m not a fan of new things generally, so I don’t try every fad that comes along; however, I think I can scramble up 5 today.

1. Fake milks. They just taste weird, especially in tea. I’ve never gotten used to them, though I can tolerate soy milk in coffee. Almond milk is yucky and so is oat. I don’t even know what oat milk is, but it doesn’t taste good, that’s for sure!

2. The supersizing trend. Bigger is NOT always better, and with our obesity epidemic here in the US, no one needs a bucket of fries with their lunch. The most annoying thing is that if you want a smaller portion, you don’t get any break on the price. In fact, you’re rewarded by ordering the “deal” of a meal sized for a whale. Same in grocery stores too, but that’s more catering to households with multiple people. If I don’t buy a gargantuan pack of massive TP rolls that will last me 6 months, I’m penalized on the price. Not to mention, we don’t all live in mansions with extra rooms to store excess items.

3. Bacon on everything. I’m not a bacon hater, per se, though I have ethical issues with eating pigs. That doesn’t stop me from nomming up an Egg McMuffin every once in a while though. But I definitely do not want bacon on salads, potatoes, cheeseburgers, or any other thing that is fine by itself. I tried a bacon cupcake once, and the cake part was horrible. Bacon does NOT belong in cake! But I must admit that a little sprinkle of crunchy bacon bits on the frosting was rather tasty.

4. Kale. WTF is with this stupid rabbit food? Spinach is far superior and just as good for you. I get annoyed even seeing the word “kale” on a menu. Go away! Give it to bunnies and turtles. Turtles love kale, which should tell you something right there.

5. Macarons. This was the biggest disappointment in my life! For a long time, I’d seen pictures of macarons, which are absolutely adorable. They come in a bunch of colors and look totally scrumptious. I was so excited to try one. And? Nothing. A big fat zero. I see them everywhere now, but I know better than to bother with them. Tasteless dreck. Don’t judge a cookie by its cover, and give me a plain, old-fashioned chocolate chip one, OK?


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14 responses to “5 Food Fads

  1. I’m getting tired of eating at restaurants that serve portions so large that I am more or less compelled to either waste half the food, or get a to-go box. It might be a good deal considering the price per pound of food, say, but if I want to eat that restaurant’s food twice in two days, I’ll just go back the next day.
    Give me the amount for one meal, charge me half, and quit trying to double your business by almost literally shoving it down my throat.
    And another thing: the other day at a drive-through the attendant tried to talk me into the extra large drink “because it costs the same.” I had to almost argue with her, explaining that the large cup wouldn’t fit in my cupholder, and I wasn’t that thirsty.

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  2. The worst for me was marzipan. It was like eating Play-Doh.

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  3. haha! I agree with all of these, but I’ve never tasted a macaron before. They do look good, though. Oh, the fake milk! Ugh! I’ve only tried almond, but really – don’t call it ‘milk’. It’s not milk. Maybe call it nut squeezings? 🙂

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  4. ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️

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  5. A bacon cupcake? lol

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  6. I hate kael! Yuck! Its definitely rabbit food! xoxo

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  7. I like kale and oat milk (which doesn’t taste like oatmeal). Supersizing is why Americans complain about paper straws. I’m like, if you got a smaller drink or didn’t insist on nursing that thing for an hour in your car, your straw wouldn’t get all soggy and unusable! (Pro tip: Don’t shove the straw all the way down right away. You don’t want to soak it.)

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  8. I agree with your hatings. I don’t quite understand why people like “fake milk” and LOVE going on kale diets. Nice Blog!

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