TMP11: Cashless Society?

TMP monday peeve

Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you.

Today’s peeve is regarding our so-called “cashless society.” Now, I’m not some Neanderthal ~ I use credit cards often, apps sometimes, and pay for recurring expenses online when I can. But I still like cash! My habit is to take $100 out of the bank each month to spend on “incidentals” like having coffee out. When I use cash, it’s easier to keep track of how much I’m wasting on non-essentials (I can make coffee at home if things are getting out of control). When I put all the miscellaneous stuff on my cards, it blends into the blur of bills.

Therefore, I would like it if cashiers stopped acting so damn weird about cash payments. I’m not talking about paying for a fancy dinner at Morton’s with a truckload of dimes, but rather trying to give a freaking McDonald’s drive-thru clerk the money for breakfast. She wouldn’t even tell me the amount until I snapped at her. I had to say HELLO if you tell me how much, I can hand you the money! She seemed insulted by this, since she was so used to people waving cards at her. Geez! And you know what? Even when I use a card, it would be nice to hear how much they’re gonna slap on it before I hand it over.

I’m sure this makes me a “Karen” to some. How dare I expect the cashier to tell me the price of my purchase? I’m so unreasonable!


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30 responses to “TMP11: Cashless Society?

  1. That’s because the cashier can’t count! Numbers are just some sort of abstract symbol with no meaning. Cashier probably doesn’t know how to articulate $5.99

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  2. Hahaha 🤣 You are definitely unreasonable wanting to know how much you pay 🙈🙈

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  3. With you all the way on this. A little restaurant opened up in the hip Millennialville “River Market” area of Kansas City and had a noticed on their door that they did not take cash. Right below that was another notice with rainbows and shit that said they welcomed everybody regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc, which I thought ironic at best since they shut out homeless people and/or anyone without a debit or credit card.
    I’ve been to other restaurants that wouldn’t take plastic at all, or that charged the customer for the banks fee if they did.
    The banks’ fees for processing cards is a whole ‘nother peeve, as is the practice of clerks simply dumping your change in your hand without counting it back, and the impatient looks of people in line behind you if you count it yourself instead of darting out of their way.


  4. So true Paula.

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  5. I always pay with cash at McDonalds and places like that. I got a prepaid reloadable VISA card to use at gas stations after I saw how all of these skimmers were being attached to the pumps and this way I am more confident that my money won’t get stolen, as I only keep about $200 on that card.

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  6. My Dad did that. He always had to have $100 in his wallet even if he wasn’t planning on going anywhere to spend it. I agree with Grace since it’s all computerized they probably don’t even know how to make change.

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  8. I love the expression on the cashier’s face in a shop when I’ve bought half a dozen items and give her the exact money in cash before she’s told me how much.

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  9. That clerk needs to get a life. We do the same, but I’ve never been given that attitude, and they certainly better tell me how much. ESPECIALLY, if I hand them my card!!

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  10. You should show up next time with a bucket of dimes.

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  12. I know, to the exact penny, how much my fast food fix for the day is going to cost. I know how much change I ought to get back. It’s annoying to me too to have some twerp stare at the ‘cash’ register as if money were an alien concept. This isn’t Star-Trek land and we’re not all relying on credits for our income (not yet anyway). I like having some cash. And I get the same response when I hand it over as you do. Me? I blame it on the quality of the worker at the window. They’re all getting so awful at their jobs…

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  13. I usually have a few singles, a five, a ten, and a twenty in my wallet just in case. I can’t remember the last time I paid cash for anything.

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  14. Darlin’, you could never, ever, ever be a “Karen.” The thought is preposterous. 😆

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  15. Norway is virtually cashless. I haven’t used cash the last 3 years. We are always told the amount before paying. Norwegian banking has fewer fees and good online access for customers so never any trouble seeing where my money went. I also use YNAB for budgeting and tracking. And, we don’t tip, so no need for cash for that.

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  18. As the saying goes, ‘Cash is king’

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