Couple More Movies [repost]

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The Duchess is a British drama starring Kiera Knightly and Ralph Fiennes, and is directed by Saul Dibb. It’s based on the married life of a real person, Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire. Amanda Foreman wrote the biography upon which the movie is based. Michael O’Connor won the Academy Award for Best Costume ~ and the costumes are stunning. This is not a romance novel come to life, though it appears to begin as one. As time goes on, I keep hoping for happily ever after for the Duchess, but happiness seems to elude her at every turn. She has a wealthy and protected life, with every whim indulged, and we don’t dive into the problems of ordinary Englishmen in this film (one needs to be aware). But it is also a true story, and this is brought home to us a few times. Georgiana’s life of luxury could be taken away at any point because her husband holds the key to everything. He gets to have a lover (as many as he pleases) when bored with marriage; she does not. There is criticism that the film is slow-moving, which I suppose it is, but I enjoyed it very much.

2. Off the Menu. Okay, here we do have a relatively typical rom-com. This 2018 Prime movie is directed by Jay Silverman and written by Jennifer Goldson. It stars Santino Fontana as Joel Flanagan and Dania Ramirez as Javiera Torres. Joel is an aimless rich dude; he’s living off his inheritance in a fancy house and trying out new health routines to the annoyance of his girlfriend, who dumps him. He has a law degree but hardly uses it. His ambitious sister, who heads the family fast food business, forces Joel to go on a quest for the perfect new taco taste to revitalize their sagging sales. But he hates Mexican food! He ends up in a small town at Javiera’s restaurant. Javiera is a single mom, struggling to keep her business going while refusing to serve anything but the freshest, most authentic Mexican cuisine. She hates fast food! Etc. It was cute.


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28 responses to “Couple More Movies [repost]

  1. thanks for the tip about your movies – I am going to check out Off the Menu – and I already saw the Duchess and liked it.
    I am like you – find it exhausting to try and see if a series will hook me – so suggestions help a lot.
    thanks and good day to you

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  2. It can be done. You just need to add a couple HTML commands, meaning you need to use the HTML editor rather than the visual editor. Here’s a picture of what you do:

    The p tags force it to leave the blank line between the two list items..

    Hope that helps…

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  3. Anger Management is hysterical!

    Ummmm…. I’ve watched Avatar a bunch of times🤷🏼‍♀️ Oh, and I watched Onward, the latest Pixar, last week or whenever🤷🏼‍♀️

    I used to love movies, I think I just want quiet now. Plus I usually have to do subtitles cuz of my hearing loss and I need new glasses so I can’t see to hear… poor poor me, right?🙄🤣💌

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  4. Sound like movies I would enjoy.
    Are they on Netflix?

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  5. Would be very interested in The Duchess. We lived very close yto the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire until we moved here in 2009. We got to knowa lot of the goings on.interesting. Strange that I have never watched the movie. I must.

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  6. I liked The Duchess. I remember seeing it in theatre on a trip to New York City.

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  7. Haven’t seen either movie. Thanks for the reconmmendations.
    Anger Management……hysterical.

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  8. they sound like good movies. I dont watch a lot of films, I have prime, and netflix, but I dont seem to watch a lot of it lately.

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  9. Not much of a movie guy myself — I tend to be more a series binge sort, if the series is worth spit, and also tend to watch the weird junk that no one else does — documentaries and suchlike. I’m watching “Westworld” at the moment because (a) it has some seriously good writing combining timelines, exploring issues of personal identity, “us” vs “them” politics, etc., and (b) because they absolutely have the finest looking nekkid people on TV. Hey, my reasons don’t ALL have to be high-falootin’ intellectualese.

    As to WordPress’s “happiness engineers”, they done happied me clear off the platform. As big a pain in the ass as Blogger is, you couldn’t get me back HERE at gunpoint.

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  10. Thank you!

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  11. I hate Kiera Knightly (my husband used to call her Kiera Nightmare) but at least is it Ralph Fiennes and not Joseph, who I dislike as much as I dislike Kiera.


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