Cupcake Smile

Unicorn cupcakes daughter

Last weekend was super-great. I saw friends in person Saturday night for games and noms, and Sunday I celebrated my granddaughter’s third birthday with family and friends. My daughter originally thought it would be a low-key get-together, but the theme was unicorns, and you can’t really do unicorns “low-key.” The birthday girl wore a sparkly purple unicorn dress and a pink princess crown, and she carried a silver heart magic wand. Adding to the festivities were a rainbow bounce house, pastel unicorn party supplies, coloring pages, pizza and snacks galore, and of course fabulous unicorn cupcakes.

I must say I was impressed with my daughter’s cupcakes. I’ve made some good cakes in my time, but she exceeded my efforts in every way. The cupcakes were pink, and she piped on white buttercream frosting like a pro. Then she added sprinkles along with unicorn cutouts, just in case it wasn’t clear that this was a UNICORN PARTY! Honestly, these cupcakes looked and tasted like they came from an excellent bakery. Absolutely delicious. The day began gloomily but ended up nice and sunny for the party. Truly outstanding smiles all around.

Bonus smile: a friend told me about Mother’s mythological frosted cookies, so I brought a few bags to add to to the mix of party snacks. They were yummy! Instead of plain old pink and white frosted regular animals, we had purple and white frosted dragons, sea serpents, mermaids, and UNICORNS! Highly recommend these cookies. For kids, I mean. OBVIOUSLY.


Image is mine.

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27 responses to “Cupcake Smile

  1. Those cupcakes look amazing!

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  2. Sounds wonderful!

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  3. You look very happy in those pictures Paula.

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  4. HBD to your granddaughter Paula. What a lovely occasion for a get together.

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  5. In person get togethers and non-low-key unicorn birthday parties sound great, as do the cupcakes….

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  6. Maybe they were (bought from a shop)? 🤣


  7. Unicorns…..Scotlands national animal…..umpteen of them are on view in Stirling Castle 😍….well worth a visit. The cupcakes look tasty 😋.


  8. Sounds like a good time was had by all 🙂

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  9. Happy days!!!
    I am supposed to see my family in July – but I am watching the news now and they are debating whether it will be safe to life restrictions on 21st June. I really hope I am going to be able to see them!

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  10. The cupcakes look very pretty, and I’m sure they tasted great.

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  11. Glad everyone loved the cookies. They didn’t last long around here either. lol

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  12. Happy birthday to the lill girl.. God bless you all 🙂😊..

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  13. I am genuinely jealous 😉 Those cupcakes look amazing! I love unicorns and that is a really great idea of how to celebrate birthdays. And you are right, a unicorn party can never be “low profile” 😉🦄

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