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Welcome to my quick reviews ~ a mix of short takes on movies and books I’ve recently watched or read. This time all 5 quickies are book reviews.

1 ~ Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Shyla Colt. This is a short romance story, more of a novella than a novel. It’s very sweet. There are three distinctive elements. One, the protags are Black, though this isn’t addressed in any way other than physical descriptions. And I’m good with that because everything doesn’t need to be political. Two, the hero Sam is from a hugely wealthy family and his mom is a Senator. This is addressed only from the standpoint that his mom accuses Delta of being a gold digger. Three, Sam is an aspie. This is the most interesting and “different” element compared to cookie cutter romances, and it’s handled very well by Ms. Colt. I learned some valuable info about how aspies cope with being over stimulated. Speaking of, there’s a bunch of hotsex in this book, which is pretty standard for the genre. Fun read overall.

2 ~ Last Stop: Storyville by our very own Sharon E. Cathcart. I was disappointed in this book ~ because it was so short! Usually, I’m happy to be done with something and eagerly clicking on the next, but I was really digging these stories. First, there is a fun time-travel shortie; and second, there is an excerpt from Sharon’s novel Bayou Fire, which is so interesting that I’m going to buy the book (on Kindle). I really enjoyed the abundant descriptions of time and place and character. You need these “grounding details” in a fantasy story, imo. And you need them in romances too. Well done, Sharon! Five stars.

3 ~ The Mother-in-Law by Sally Hepworth. Since we aren’t in a critique class and Sally is never going to read this, I am starting with the negatives. First, I can’t stand first-person accounts from DEAD PEOPLE. Wtf is up with this lately? The very first thing we learned about writing is not to say “And then I died,” unless we’re talking about a vampire. Second, why is there an irritating trend of writing novels in present tense? Third, I’m not a huge fan of the chronological back and forth every chapter. Pick one and stick with it for a while. This flipping is also trending, unfortunately. But you know what? This story was so good, so interesting, that it overcame these annoying elements. Pretty much. Yep. I really liked it! Lucy and Diana were complex characters who surprised me in good ways and the murderer was someone I had not expected. Didn’t give it 5 stars though because reasons.

4 ~ Extraordinary Treasures by Beth Black. I know Beth personally and she’s a superb writer. After reading so many sloppily proofed ebooks, it was a pleasure to find zero mistakes in this short story collection. But for whatever reason, none of them really grabbed me. I don’t know why, since they were expertly written. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for science fiction. If you are, check out this book.

5 ~ Cara Awakened by H. Parker. This was pure pr0n, or as we prefer to call it in the biz “erotica.” If you’re not into that, definitely give this book a pass. If you are, Cara has a more interesting “plot” than the usual fare in this genre and I was surprised by the ending (that’s a good thing). Parker did an excellent job describing characters and setting scenes. The problem for me was absolutely godawful proofreading. Aren’t people embarrassed to put out books with such a mess of mistakes? Not saying mine are perfect and every so often I’ll find an elided word or missing comma. But Cara had mistakes on pretty much every page and it was a chore to slog through it. Apparently, this is a series, but I’m not going to continue reading it.

Catch ya next time!


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