Freedom’s Just Another Word…

Highway lights at night

… for nothing left to lose. Or so goes the song “Me and Bobby McGee.”

This week, one of Melanie’s Share Your World questions is “Do you feel free? Why or why not?”

I’ve been thinking about this for a day, and I have to answer yes… and no. Like many Americans, I often think of freedom as mainly freedom of movement, as in “the open road.” I could get in my car right now and drive anywhere I please in the USA, which is large enough to keep me going for a long time. That is, assuming I can afford $4.00/gallon gas. Freedom takes money, or else you’ll soon find yourself living in a box under the bridge. Maybe that’s true freedom ~ no job, no rent, no obligations. No one is going to invite a stinky box-dweller to game night, so you are also free of friends.

The more I ponder the concept of freedom, the more I believe that it’s just an illusion. There are a ton of laws we must follow in order to stay free from being arrested. There are loads of bills we must pay, whether we work or not. If someone else pays your bills, you are likely obligated to them in other ways, such as having to cook dinner and/or give blowjobs. Yes, I know some will say they love doing those things. Do they really or are they brainwashed?

If you’re a parent of young children, you are not free because you have tons of responsibilities. If you have old disabled parents, you probably feel the duty to help care for them. Once you get a pet, you are bound to ensure its well-being. The list goes on. Personally, I feel freer now than in the past because I am single, my children are grown, my parents are dead, and I can do what I want. Except… I have to work every day, pay my bills, and feed the cat.

Interesting question!


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18 responses to “Freedom’s Just Another Word…

  1. I think freedom is probably more about having the responsibilities of one’s choosing than having a responsibility-free box-living existence.

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  2. I am happy that I have never been in a position where I have felt obligated to give blowjobs.

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  3. Interesting perspective Paula. I think being free means mentally. Physically we are always bound to something or the other. Mental freedom, when one is free to make your own choices and decisions can be more easily attained.

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  4. It’s nearly impossible to free from responsibilities once we have stepped into adulthood. There would always be something or the other. Physical freedom will always have some strings attached. Mental freedom on the other hand is achievable.

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  5. No, Kris Kristofferson said it, Janis sang it, perfectly. Nothing left to lose. That’s either the criteria, or the price you pay. In the practical, real, world, travel, speech, etc., we have it pretty good in the U.S. I think.

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  6. Good question, good answer. I feel that I’m free, but that is within the confines of my practical realities. But I have free will to choose my confines, so I am free. Yes? 🤔

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    • I find people’s thoughts on this to be very interesting. People WANT to believe they are free, so they believe it. But imo it’s more complicated. We really can’t do whatever we please, and DO we really have freedom to think whatever we please, or our thoughts shaped by factors outside our control? I tend to think it’s mostly the latter…

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  7. Thanks, Paula for Sharing Your World! The thought put into your answer to the freedom question was amazing! It’s been very interesting to read the different responses to that question as the week progresses, and most agree with you. We’re not free in the sense of obligation and mature responsibility, but in America anyway, we do have freedom of movement (to a degree…the money thing is the biggest obstacle I think).

    Not that it’s important nor relevant but the BJ was always one of my favorite activities in the day. As long as the guy took care of his hygiene. Schweddy balls are never appealing.

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    • Thank you! I think people WANT to believe they are free, so presto they believe it. Which is fine. But if you really think about true freedom… it’s a slippery concept. LOL @ schweddy!


  8. As for the freedom of movement, I am strongly against the push toward toll roads (privatization).

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  9. Americans tend to believe they enjoy more freedoms than we Europeans do because we’re saddled by socialism. I cannot buy a gun but I still have the best freedom there is: the freedom from worry. Medical bills or unemployment aren’t going to make me homeless. A well-regulated capitalism means I can trust businesses and banks – and my government. Freedom from worry beats freedom from bills, in my experience.

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